Guidance 311: Series Course

My goal is to facilitate the conversation stemming around Spiritual Awakening, what it means and how to work through the loss and change that inevitably happens as a result of the shift in consciousness that takes place. You are opened to Divine inspiration and guidance that will propel you into and out of life circumstances that no longer support who you are or are becoming. It can be a scary and difficult process to journey alone in. I want to help you as much as I can understand, recover from and develop the skills that will help you on your path.

October 27 Introduction with focus on Chakras (3pm-5pm for all dates)
Each class will open with a Guided Mediation and Journal prompt to enhance the discussion as we move through the topic of the night.
What is energy? How does it move through and affect the body, mind, and spirit/soul?
What are they? How do they work? How to cleanse blockages and dense energies?

November 3 Recognizing Fear and Finding Gratitude
Where do I have fear? What are patterns that fear in my life has created? Is it my trauma or Karmic/family trauma that I am carrying?
What is self-sabotage and do I engage in it?
Why is gratitude so important? How do I use it to change or affect my life?

November 17 Karmic Blocks
A continuation of last classes discussion, digging deeper into Core traumas and blocks we have created or have has happen to us.
Releasing, letting to and the layers that will resurface and how to deal with them.

December 8 Spiritual Practice
In depth look at meditation and prayer and why you need both.
Introduction to Surrender or Allowing

January 5 Presence: Living in the Now
Present moment: not living in the past or future
What does Surrender mean or Allowing? How do we apply it to our own lives?

January 19 Relationships
What is our relationship with our self look like and others?
Forgiveness: defining and understanding the concept and how to apply it.

February 2 Life Purpose
What does this mean? How do we find it?

February 16 Empath/Intuitive
What is intuition? How do I access it? Trust it? Act on it? Gut instinct?
What is an Empath?

March 1 Intuition
A continuation on last class with emphasis on Intuition and/or Intuitive skills
With a brief introduction to using Oracle cards. (Bring your favorite deck if you have one…not required).

March 15 Last class in the series exploring Mediumship and Channeling
We will use the time to discuss any of the previous topics, clarify any of the topics and synthesize all the topics for easy everyday use.
Time allowing Intuitive Guidance from me on one question of your choosing individually or collectively.

$30 each class @ Soul Sisters Whispering Holistic and Healing Center 286 Genesee St Auburn, NY

~Melissa xo

Beautiful Evaluations and Testimonials of my Guidance 311 Course Series.

I wanted to write my experience in the guidance 311 series. I learned and took away something very special from each class. I grew spiritually and as a person. I started walking a path that before I was unsure of and hesitant. I got the courage to move forward in my life to do the things I knew I would love to do. But I held myself back. I felt stronger as I attended each class. Also knowing that I had a tribe of woman there with me and I could turn to if needed. We formed a special bond. It was a safe place to open yourself up in and move forward in your life. I learned about myself and why things were happening in my life. It all started to make sense. Melissa was very informative, patient and kind. I can’t thank her enough. And to all the other ladies I shared this journey with. Thank you.~Carol Auburn, NY I signed up for Melissa’s Guidance 311 series with no preconceived ideas of what to expect. I was seeing some signs of a potential ability within myself and wanted to explore in that direction. Melissa started with some foundational information in the earlier classes, with lots of very useful interactive work: individually, in pairs, and as a group. We looked into ourselves, finding places we could gently heal and grow. We then moved on to guided exercises practicing psychic/medium skills, drawing on all we had learned in the series. I found my strength is in connecting with those who have passed away, but instead of having these connections burst into my life unbidden and unexpected, now I can connect safely when I want and with whom I choose. Over the duration of the course, our cohort of fellow seekers built friendship, trust, and a supportive space to grow and gain confidence with skills others might mock.~Karen, Genoa NY What a great experience! I learn so much. From my true fears and how to overcome them, to my gifts and how to cultivate them and make them stronger. I got to know a wonderful group of women that I hope stay in my life for years to come. I can’t wait learn more with Melissa. She is a superb teacher and I’m truly blessed to have found her ❤❤~Kristen Auburn, NY

This course has taught me so much about myself! It has offered me a chance to express myself and to tune into myself in a loving environment. Melissa is a wonderful, in touch leader. She is friendly, open, understanding, and encouraging. Along with getting to know Melissa, I have made lasting friendships with the others taking the course. I would highly recommend this series to anyone who is searching to know more about yourself and for those who are wanting to connect with like minded people. You will not be disappointed!~Cindy, Moravia, NY