Restore: Bringing You into Alignment

What is Restore?

We grew up in a culture of competition to achieve more and better than your neighbor. We were taught to do better than your parents. We were encouraged to learn more, make more, do more than the generation before you or the neighbor beside you. There was very little room for creating, being or listening. All the ways to connect with the more that was inside of you whispering, nudging and guiding you to what made you passionate, happy and whole. It is time.

Stepping into your Magnificence and connecting with your Divinity or Sovereignty is where we are headed in this time of stepping out of the 3D consciousness. The warlike conflicts and competitive energy is receding and through that we are finding new footing. For thoudands of years, we have allowed division and descent rule how we interacted with each other. From monarchy and democracy, we have prescribed to what we were told to do by others. In this new energy, we are allowed to follow the prescriptions of our soul. We have all we need inside of us: love, compassion, and cooperation with all. Not just all people but all living things: the planet, animals and all life.  Restoring the balance between economic systems, political systems, family systems, ecological systems, and all systems on this spaceship Earth; and ultimately how all this affects the Universe. As we are a small part of a much larger system.

What this system is entirely, we still do not understand all of it or the ramifications that our actions have on it. However, we can control our lives, how we treat others and the environment around us. Restoring our balance emotionally, physically, mentally, and ethereally, we can affect and change our own lives. One by one we affect all that is around us. By living as authentically and balanced as we can, then we can ripple that effect out to those around us that are feeling lost, unbalanced, and unhappy with their surroundings. We may feel that we cannot change anything significantly, but if we change ourselves and be the model of harmony, love, and contentment, then we can change our own environment; thereby affecting the whole.

Breaking down any overwhelming task to individual steps allows us to feel accomplishment that allows us to take the next step in that task and in effect accomplishing the seemingly impossible. All we can ever do is work to be better ourselves, and this example will be the model that others will emulate especially when you are winning, achieving, and gaining all that you want in your life experience, right now.  

  1. Work on having balance: mentally, physically, emotionally, and ethereally
  2. Live in love, compassion and harmony
  3. Set boundaries with those who are not willing to make the changes
  4. Be creative, have joy and be passionate with where you spend your energy
  5. Give where and when you can: money, time and energy

This new energy will take time to embrace. For some it will be so uncomfortable. For others it will be a welcome relief. Staying in compassion with all of those around you, will help you to maintain your peace and balance through these changes. The new earth and new human is being created. Blessings, M xo

Taking time to just “be” brings the most clarity and connection from Source.

Recognize, Release and Restore

Really getting clear with ourselves about our traits, foibles and what makes us who we are….can be revealing. And, not always in a good way because we start to see clearly that the only person standing in our way is us. Hard, hard truth for most of us to come to. We want to blame and play the victim because that validates our ego. The ego that keeps you playing small…keeps you safe…keeps you stagnant because to change is uncomfortable or down right scary depending on the situation.’s second definition of victimization is “the act or fact of blaming others for the hardships one encounters in life.” Your ego is so ok with doing this because then it can feel good about its choices and decisions made in almost all situations, relationships and areas of one’s life with no need to take responsibility for any of it. Allow it to land on someone else’s shoulders. Unfortunately, this will never bring you the peace, happiness and alignment with your life’s purpose in this life experience at this time.

For a long time, I blamed family, circumstances and others for the hurt and trauma that I had to overcome. Some of it was justified, however, all of it needed to be forgiven. It was the only way for me to take responsibility for how I was allowing those experiences to affect my decision making. For that I needed to become accountable.

Only through accountability or recognizing my actions could I look at why I was making the decisions that I was making that were keeping my stuck, broke and miserable. Others’ actions were directly impacting my decision making skills and keeping me unhappy, single, bad money management and focusing on jobs that were soul sucking to me. I had to find the secret sauce that would allow me to thrive despite the traumas and abuses that I dealt with for the first two-thirds of my life. I desperately wanted to be happy. I desperately did not want to feel the weight of any of it anymore: hopelessness, lack mentality, low self-esteem, unattractive, and all of the myriad self-sabotaging thought patterns I had always engaged in. Taking this hard look at myself was the most difficult thing I have ever gone through. Figuring out why I did the things I did. It was heartbreaking on so many levels: recognizing who let me down and how. I could only go up from there. And, heal those wounds to have a better day(s).

The releasing was the forgiveness that I had to give everyone, myself included. Not forgiveness of letting anyone off the hook. The forgiveness that is the acceptance of things could not have been other than what they were. Not needing to know the why or the how of all the decisions that negatively impacted my life from all the people who were supposed to love me. The forgiveness allowed me to release the attachment to my ego: the need to be right.

I struggled with this for years. The idea of ‘letting anyone of the hook’ and the anger that I held on to in my justifiable indignation of the hurts and traumas that I had endured, or righteousness was, also, blocking me from living in the freedom that the forgiveness has now produced in my life.

The forgiveness extinguishes the anger like a candle sniffer to a flame. The anger can eat you alive like a fire destroys everything in its wake. Anger eats at you and your ego feeds it from the need of being right or the need to keep you comfortable, playing small in the same pond that you have always been in. And effectively diminishing you, holding you back from the life that you are here to lead. You are in effect blocking your own dreams, wishes, desires and destiny. No one else is. No one is holding you back but you. This is a hard truth pill to swallow. You are the co-creator of your destiny with you higher-power (higher-self, God, your team).

Restoring: it is time to bring yourself into alignment with who you are and why you are having this life experience at this time. We are all here to be happy, to be fulfilled and to realize our dreams. Once you recognized what is holding you back and released your attachment to any egoic outcomes, you are ready to restore yourself to your desired life experience: happiness, fulfilled and in-service. As we are all here to be in-service in some way, it is everyone’s life purpose.

This is a journey with no real destination because as one trait comes up and is transmuted energetically we are taken to another level. This life experience is a journey unto itself. Learning to work this process over and over again brings you to the fulfillment that you seek on every level.

Blessings, M xo

8 Steps to Getting Out of Your Own Way

Many years ago I started on a road that has lead me on a journey of self-discovery. The hardest part has been to be able to be vulnerable with myself. Really getting honest about how I felt and my choices. It has been messy, ugly and terrifying most of the way. I had to assess why I made the choices I made and what was the catalyst for those choices. And at some point it had to be me….not others, not family, not relationships, not circumstances…but “me.” I had to say, “I did this.” Because, let’s face it, we all can play the blame game. But, it is through getting clear of blame and getting real with ourselves we can then become a new, more aware version of our former selves: the New Human.

We are all, in some way, being pushed into an awareness that there is more. More to this life existence then just living to die. We are here to become realized, aware, conscious co-creators of our experience in this life at this time in Earth’s evolution. However, we can not do this if we keep our limited beliefs and old stories to remain the way we live our lives today. It has shifted. We are evolving. We are being brought into awareness. The ego driven way of believing, knowing, and acting are the old system. The new day is dawning.

Healing the fear based emotions. Recognizing and releasing what is holding you back individually is affecting the whole. Like a ripple in the water after one pebble is thrown. Our individual healing, awakening, becoming conscious co-creators one person at a time will have the biggest impact over time. How do we do this?

Starting were you are at. Only focused on you. This is a very individual process. Some would say lonely. Finding like minded people helps. Finding materials to support you helps. Finding your connection to your Higher-self is key. Developing intuition, opening your third eye, trusting your feelings because what you are experiencing is real and true. Learning discernment is important. However, in this new energy, becoming high vibrational will keep you protected as you will work with only matching frequencies on the other side of the veil: ascended masters, archangels, guides and loved ones.

The healing the emotional body is what effectively raises your vibration. Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks has given us this information in the way of an Emotional Chart with all Fear at the bottom and all Love at the top. By bringing ourselves as close to love as we can, we can become closer to the Divine; and also tap into the divinity that is within each and everyone of us.

We chose to be here at this time. We chose to do the work, be the way showers, and help those around us through our vibrational frequencies, and not just people, but to help the planet, animals and all the eco-systems…big work!

Steps to start:

  1. Journal about your relationships: identify self-limiting beliefs
  2. Use positive affirmations, sound healing frequencies, and tapping techniques
  3. Start a Gratitude Journal: for 21 days list 10 things you are grateful for (a different ten each day).
  4. Forgiveness: finding and giving it to yourself and others
  5. Getting a therapist or counselor, medical advice and/or energy healing: Reiki, IET, Unity Field Healing, etc.
  6. Finding Compassion for yourself and others
  7. Reading inspirational material and using guided manuals for the process
  8. Finding a like minded group: in-person or virtually

If you are looking for direction, help and guidance, please check out

Blessings, M xo

Beacon of Light

Today is a day of reflection. Only through reflection can we know where we are going. Take time to look at what has been, recognizing, realizing an learning what doesn’t work helps you to know what does. However uncomfortable it may feel that is the way in which to go. Only through discomfort can we grow. Staying comfortable keeps you in sameness. No change. No gain. Be the change for those around you to be able to follow your example. Be the leader for those in you own life –like a pebble in the pond– start the ripple effect. This was a year of profound change. Keep it going –to increase the ripples. To affect more and more people. Some will follow, some will not, but do not stop. Keep striding forward for all to see. Be the beacon of light.

The discomfort is all the ways in which you play small, make yourself small and stay small. It is now time to be seen. Be heard. Allow your magnificence to shine. For most of us shining is uncomfortable. Putting ourselves out there. Revealing our true essence is to be vulnerable. Only through healing our shame, past traumas and hurts that we have held on to like a security blanket of excuses to be small.

This shift of consciousness is not allowing us to play small. These downloads of ascension energy is all about sharing our light. This is hard work, which is why we are called Lightworkers. The ways in which to fully embrace our light is to heal. Heal those parts of you that hold you down. Abraham Hicks gave us the Emotional Scale. Where are you on it? If you are still in fear, grief, powerlessness, criticism and judgement, then you cannot ascend. You must heal those parts of you through forgiveness and gratitude, and that will allow you to ascend…ultimately to live in joy, love and gratitude through compassion for everyone-nirvana.

Will we get there? We are having a human experience with all the trappings of a human condition. Doing our best in every moment will get us there. Learning what our triggers are so that we can heal those parts or ourselves and holding compassion for everyone around us.

This does not mean that we will or can “fix” anyone else. But by being the Beacons of Light and modeling the best versions of ourselves, we can help others. We can show others that they can achieve balance, grace and inner happiness. Letting go of the “ego” in ourselves is so important. Achieving inner happiness, connecting with our Divinity and modeling living in higher consciousness does not make us better, only coming into a version of what a New Human will be.

This is work. This is energy being transformed. Through this process taking time alone, taking time to heal, getting help with the healing as needed will take time. Be gentle with yourself. Let what falls away fall away. Accept what appears. You will transform your tribe, your environment, and yourself through this metamorphosis. It will change you completely. Know that it is supposed to. Where you are going and what you will be focused on will be your journey alone and that is ok. Let those around you be where they are on their journey and know that being the model for them is the best way to help them, even if you have to let them go.

Distracting yourself by running from or ignoring the messages and lessons will only prolong the process by bringing you obstacles and challenges to be overcome that teach a lesson. Your purpose is for you and you will be brought back to it each time you need to be. It is up to you how long you want the metamorphosis to take. Following the inspiration and opportunities that are presented, no matter how uncomfortable, will speed up the process. For some you will need to “bump your nose” more than once to receive the message. It is your choice.

You are the beacon of light. Blessings, M xo

Desperate Despair: No More

So, you hit bottom. The only place to go is up. I know that you have heard of that before. But, it is TRUE. Once you have hit this level of failure, discontent and emotional despondency, all you can do is make the decision to do something different. What you did in the past and how you made your choices clearly did NOT work. Whether it is addiction, money or relationships, in all those situations all you can affect or change is you! Your perceptions, expectations and decision making all have to change. Everything familiar has to go.

At this level of despondency you have in effect wiped out fear. You no longer have the same level of fear in your life because it HAPPENED. All the ways that you were afraid your life would go: it went, it crashed, and you lost. This is why you can only go up: improve, have, and reach for your dreams.

What you thought. What held you back. Criticism, judgement, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, hate, rage, revenge, anger, discouragement, blame, worry, doubt, disappointment, overwhelm, pessimism, insecurity, powerlessness, and more: these are all the ways that hold us back. Our ego mind talking us out of feeling good for whatever trauma, pain or hurt that you are holding in your emotional body.

What the fear was that brought you to this low point is now giving way to having something entirely new, and this brings with it liberation. It is now time to take the Leap of Faith to make a different decision. Walking away from the “expectations of others” or letting those “limiting beliefs” about yourself hold you back any longer.

Recognizing and releasing is the healing that needs to occur so that you do not repeat this pattern and find yourself in this place again. Repeating patterns are the egos way of trying to keep you safe by not stepping out of your comfort zone to have anything new/different. But it is not safe if you find yourself on the bottom after each attempt. This is how we hurt our selves in relationships and keep ourselves in money deficit: lack mentality.

Lack mentality is the idea that we do not have enough: love, money or addiction (whatever that looks like for you: food, spending, drugs, sex, etc). Regardless of how much we actually have, it is never enough. We seek it out at the determent to ourselves because we are never satisfied. It becomes that obsession that is going to make everything else in our lives better, and it does NOT.

How do we heal? You start by being honest with yourself, your life choices, and your emotions surrounding both.

  1. How do I self-sabotage?
  2. What is my negative self-talk?
  3. What choices do I keep making that do not bring me the desired result?
  4. Who am I blaming?
  5. Who talks down to me, who abuses me (verbally, emotionally, physically or sexually) and/or who neglects me?
  6. Who do I need to disconnect from?
  7. What situation do I need to leave?
  8. What is the fear that is holding me back? Identify.

These questions will start the healing process by identifying and making the necessary changes. Using forgiveness will allow you to heal from whatever your situation is; letting go of the attachment to what happened and decisions made at the time that they were made. Only focus on the lessons learned and create new goals in the new found personal power of having survived through your very own version of Desperate Despair: hitting the bottom.

Seeking professional help is encouraged if you are in a dangerous situation or harming yourself and also, need help to work through traumatizing situations.

When you have lived this level of fear that brought this level of failure your vibrational frequency is the lowest. Through finding: contentment, hopefulness and optimism you begin to raise your vibrational frequency that will activate the Law of Attraction with the Law of Correspondence to allow the Universe to bring you the desires that you are trying to manifest without you having to struggle, strive or fight for the happiness you want. The easiest and fastest way to do this is keep gratitude foremost in your emotional signature: mantras, journaling and feeling the emotion repeatedly will change your life.

Desperate Despair: No More is what you can do to heal from having hit the bottom.

Blessings, M xo

Desperate Despair

At one time or another, we all fall down. Something in our life falls apart. We lose a relationship that we thought would go the distance. We lose a job that was our dream job. We lose our home. We lose our car. Any one of these scenarios feels catastrophic of an event that we have to recover from.

Finding love is hard, finding that one person who you find a connection with is hard and when you do it is the most magical feeling in the world. Having your dream job gives you safety and stability that allows you to have a foundation on where you can build all the other parts of your life. Having your own transportation gives you freedom and independence that allows you to go and do whatever you want, whenever you want. All of these are things that we all strive to have. We work really hard to achieve. These are the foundational principals of a happy life. So, the loss of anyone of these things really affects you on a physical, emotional, energetic or ethereal, and mental levels, changing your vibrational frequency because the loss of one of these things makes you fearful on some level for your survival.

So, when you lose all of these things in the same time frame, this can bring you to desperate despair. The feeling of not being safe and afraid for your safety and survival. Knowing that in some way all of your choices have lead to this point. Realizing that you have affected your own situation so negatively that you are at ground zero: homeless, jobless and carless. How do you recover? And you ask yourself this honestly because you know that to make the same decisions or go the same way as you have will get you similar results. You have let yourself down in the most fundamental ways, so how do you trust yourself and your decision making from here?

This is where you have to become self-aware. Becoming aware or yourself and WHY you have made the decisions that you have. What has lead you to this place of Desperate Despair? Even if you only had experienced one or two of these scenarios or something similar, you have to look within to find the cause. It is only there will you find the way to heal those parts of yourself that will allow the catalyst for change to take place and allow things to be different: positive.

Have you been in denial for a very long time of those hurts, traumas and abuses that have propelled you to engage in self-sabotaging ways? Addiction, denial, people pleasing, unworthiness, abusive relationship or toxic people in key roles in your life, health issues, etc. and all of these ways can look very different for everyone, but you have to get very honest with yourself before you can ever start to heal. And heal you must! It is the only way to have something different, positive and sustainable.

How? One step at a time. One wound at a time. Some may need therapeutic care, counseling, or physician’s help. Some may need to unpack their emotional bodies one step at a time through journaling and reading helpful guides: self-help or inspirational books. Sound healing and energy work can help. There are many modalities of help for the healing. But none of it will work if you are not getting clear on what is holding you back.

Desperate Despair is a HUGE motivator for change. And by making the changes, starting the process you are coming into alignment with your Divinity. The God inside you. We are being brought to our knees in some way at this time to be the catalyst that we need to change our lives. To change our relationship with each other and the planet. Going forward the old ways of being and doing will not work. We have to do better because now we know better–Maya Angelou said it so eloquently all those years ago.

We are waking up. Waking up to who and what we are: spiritual beings in a human condition. More and more of us are getting in touch with our spiritualness and it is beautiful. But it is a transforming energy and way of life. As you go down your path you will be brought to new awareness and connection. Do not despair because it is for you.

Take it one day at a time and know that as hard is it is to unpack and heal your wounds. It is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself and those you love to become the best version of this 3demensional self and gain access to your 5demensional self by raising your vibrational frequency.

Blessings, M xo

R101: What is Surrender?

The more I think of this and try and explain it to others I realize that it is another word for faith. Most correlate faith with religion. However, it is bigger than organized religion. It is the trust that we put in God (Creator, Universe, All that Is, or however you identify with Divine Source).

Surrender is allowing God to take over. Using inspiration by trusting that He has control and all we can do is follow. Faith is the trust that we have to know that He and our higher-self have our highest and greatest good in mind. We have a purpose, a reason for being in this lifetime at this time. This is not random but the Universal Intention or the Plan for us (individually and collectively).

The song written by Brett James, Hillary Lindsey and Gordie Sampson, Jesus, Take the Wheel describes it:

Jesus, take the wheel
Take it from my hands
‘Cause I can’t do this on my own
I’m letting go
So give me one more chance
And save me from this road I’m on
Jesus, take the wheel

Often we in our human condition think that we know best and try to direct our lives. But as the song states once we have exhausted our options of trying and failing or trying and not getting the desired result, then we need help. And where is that help going to come from? Taking your hands of the wheel of your life and trusting in something bigger to handle the “how” of what it is you want or feel inspired to work for is the key.

Also, we have to allow it to unfold not only in the way that we do not control, but also in the time that it is meant to; and now when we want it to. Those two pieces together are the over arching idea of surrender. As human beings having a spiritual experience, THIS IS THE HARDEST PART.

The “how” and the “when” are what we want to know right now. And those are the pieces that have to be revealed because we need the knowledge, lessons and experiences on the way. As unfun as those parts are they are the parts that create to opportunities and relationships that take us on the road that is for us on this journey of our unique experience and life purpose.

Surrendering is letting everything to flow to you. Not letting the egoic, fear driven thoughts affect you anymore. Knowing that all that fear has created nothing but chaos and confusion as you have tried to navigate on your own. Our Will Center located in the Solar Plexis Chakra will keep guiding us to what we want, but God will handle the “how” and “when.” Our part at this point is to keep doing the tasks and creating the space and unblocking ourselves to receive what is for us: gratitude, forgiveness, and intention are all involved. See previous Blogs on those topics.

Staying in alignment while in Surrender will allow you to begin to receive all the manifestations that you have been wanting. Be open to how it arrives as most likely they will not be what you expect or even could see. We, as human, can get very specific ideas and are disappointed when they do not arrive…Spirit will hardly ever bring you what you want, but they will ALWAYS bring you what is for you and your life purpose. Be open!

More to come.

Blessings, M xo

R101: Intuition vs. Ego

I get asked all the time: how do I know the difference between my thoughts and my intuition? This becomes a discussion involving your egoic mind and communication from spirit. The ego was developed for the human race to aid in the fight or flight response to stay alive and be safe in our surroundings. Now, we no longer need that level of response in our survival. However, we still have that function and now our body uses it to keep us fearful for safety in all situations.

Your intuition is your spirit guides or guardian angels (choose what is most comfortable for you to call them). They will give you the ideas, inspiration or information that will help you on your journey. This will almost never be the easy option. Their job is to keep you in alignment with you path that is this life time’s journey of growth. Each of us have pre-ordained what our path would be before we incarnated on this planet at this time, but we have free will choice and may decide to follow your desires. This will almost always lead us off the path and give us a lesson along the way. That lesson will bring us back to alignment with our unique life path is at this time.

Meditation is the key to hearing, feeling, knowing and sensing the messages that spirit has for you. Sitting quietly for 10-20 minutes listening to a monotonous sound or a guided meditation makes no difference: your choice. But to incorporate a daily mediation practice into your life will enhance your connection so that you will be able to easily identify what is spirit and what is ego.

The good news is even if you decide to use free will and go your own way…spirit will always lead you back to your path. What I tell my clients is that…you just take the longer road and learn a hard lesson on the way. To circumvent this process, trust and act on the information you are being given. The more you live your life this way the more you will find the easier road.

The secret I will let you in on is that we are not here to have an easy journey. We are in the school of life, and therefore we are here to learn something new. This will lead to hard choices and leaps of faith!

More to come.

Blessings, M xo

R101: Physical Awareness

We don’t see our physicals selves like the well oiled machine that they are and we need to maintain and fix it on occasion as you would any piece of equipment that you used on a daily basis. We back up our devices, we change the oil on our cars, and we clean our homes on a regular or as needed basis. And, we need the same kind of care to ourselves and the systems that take care and house us!

When we are not feeling well physically, it takes energy from us on all the other levels. Not being attentive to nutritional needs, getting movement, sleep and rest at regular intervals all attribute to unwell. Being unwell creates dis-ease, the feeling of not being at ease in your own skin: aches, pains, depression, tiredness, and sickness.

Every person has their own needs when it comes to what their physical body needs. And, it will tell you if you take the time to listen, notice and become aware of how you feel on all levels. Really tuning into your body will help you take the steps that you need to bring it back into balance, harmony and wellness.

Some ways to help you do that are to keep a log of your food intake, activity, sleep and overall feelings to help you self-diagnose where you need attention. I would encourage you to seek professional help if you are stumped or overwhelmed about where you are on your journey and what you need to do to get on or enhance your wellness plan.

Getting real about your physical health can be daunting and scary. When I did this exercise, I realized I was morbidly obese and depressed. I had no idea where to start. Talking candidly about my situation with a doctor (one of the hardest conversations, I have ever had….I was in complete denial about my situation), I was able to begin my wellness journey.

This is a journey in loving yourself. No one is perfect and there are many starts and stops on the way to finding the right balance of nutrition and exercise that will work for you. But, it is one of the most rewarding ones you will be on. It won’t be perfect. It is important to keep at it. Because taking care of your physical body is one piece in the overall balance of your life.

There are many ways and ideas out there about this. My purpose today is to bring this into your awareness as something to be addressed. If you don’t get real with yourself, how can you make the changes? Walking out of the doctor’s office that day, I was in tears as I had buried myself in ice cream for so long, and avoided mirrors that I had this unreal image of myself: physically and emotionally. I have been on this journey over ten years and it has not been perfect, but I keep at it to keep my in balance more times that not to keep the disease, injuries and cognitive function where I want them. Being intentional about my health keeps me able to be and do what I want. I want that for you too!

More to come.

Blessings, M xo

Where We Go from Here

We are coming to the close of 2020. This is not an isolated year. This next year will see more changes. As well as the changes that have taken place and take root for some as others keep rebelling against the changes and call for normalcy. Normal: what is normal?

Running from job to home to practice. Eating fast food on the fly. Planning meet ups. Going to the latest attraction. Seeing the latest film. Buying the latest trend. Shopping, spending, going, doing. We were really good at being distracted. Every one of us. Kids in daycare, school, or activity. Parents on boards, working over-time, trying to keep up. Society staying distracted by media and government, being told what to do, how to act, what was available.

This last six months has allowed everyone to sit back, take a deep breath, and just be. In some way, we have all had a moment to ourselves. Teachers gained their value back. Nurses became heroes. Everyone in every kind of service area was found to be needed. We found our interdependentness again. Growing food. Holistic medicine. The planet and her resources. Faith and believing that we are protected.

This is the New Earth. Finding the way to come together as a whole. Human, Animal, Planet: all the kingdoms coming together to live sustainably. We are on the cusp of wiping ourselves out. This year has given us an example of how easy it would be to do just that with one virus. Do we heed the warning?

I have watched documentary after documentary showing us just how easy it would be to convert to sustainable fuel, food and living within our eco-system. I am excited about where we can go as humanity in creating a New Earth for our future generations. But, how do we change large, financially thriving industries that do Not want to loose their wealth and power on the world stage? How do we eliminate these super powers who want dominance?

Change must come. Power must be distributed. Only through grass roots efforts and the majority coming together will we affect the change that is so desperately needed. In the US, we have an election coming up and I am struggling with who to vote for. Both big parties represent this kind of power and dominance that must be eliminated.

What can I do? I can keep supporting the local businesses. I can donate to the environmental causes. I can keep voting for the representation that believes in protecting us all and breaking down the systemic organizations that contribute to the old paradigm.

I can be the example of integrity. I can help my fellow neighbor however I am able to. I can be kind. I can be helpful. I can be of service with my gifts and talents. I believe that is what we are all called to be doing right now. No more distracting ourselves, but open our perceptions and hearts to each other and the spaceship Earth and all of its inhabitants. Be inclusive. Love. Love each other. Love the environment. Love ourselves. Make the changes. And, stand together.

Blessings, M xo