Melissa L Watkins is the founder of website that features her blog and services. Also, her Facebook following at Melissa L Watkins: Guidance 311, where she provides inspiration and methods to help develop skills to utilize the Law of Attraction in your own life. She is a Medium that specializes in teaching you how to connect to your own spiritual gifts, doing the Shadow Work involved in developing those spiritual gifts, and providing opportunities to work directly with her for connection to loved ones or guidance on your path. Melissa was an English teacher for many years in the middle and high school levels before following her passion for teaching spiritual development and mediumship courses. She has become Reiki certified Level 1, a member of the Lemurian Sisterhood of WCNY and the . Melissa has also honed her skills providing readings for over three years on a full-time basis with Psychic Encounters. She has been passionate in her development by studying through reading and learning from Eckhart Tolle, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Barbara Anne Brennan and Dr. John Ryan among others. Melissa can be found at and

Melissa L Watkins, Author, Intuitive Coach, Medium, and founder of Guidance 311

My goal is to facilitate the conversation stemming around Spiritual Awakening, what it means and how to work through the loss and change that inevitably happens as a result of the shift in consciousness that takes place.  You are opened to Divine inspiration and guidance that will propel you into and out of life circumstances that no longer support who you are or are becoming.  It can be a scary and difficult process to journey alone in.  I want to help you as much as I can understand, recover from and develop the skills that will help you on your path.