Recognize, Release and Restore

Really getting clear with ourselves about our traits, foibles and what makes us who we are….can be revealing. And, not always in a good way because we start to see clearly that the only person standing in our way is us. Hard, hard truth for most of us to come to. We want to blame and play the victim because that validates our ego. The ego that keeps you playing small…keeps you safe…keeps you stagnant because to change is uncomfortable or down right scary depending on the situation.’s second definition of victimization is “the act or fact of blaming others for the hardships one encounters in life.” Your ego is so ok with doing this because then it can feel good about its choices and decisions made in almost all situations, relationships and areas of one’s life with no need to take responsibility for any of it. Allow it to land on someone else’s shoulders. Unfortunately, this will never bring you the peace, happiness and alignment with your life’s purpose in this life experience at this time.

For a long time, I blamed family, circumstances and others for the hurt and trauma that I had to overcome. Some of it was justified, however, all of it needed to be forgiven. It was the only way for me to take responsibility for how I was allowing those experiences to affect my decision making. For that I needed to become accountable.

Only through accountability or recognizing my actions could I look at why I was making the decisions that I was making that were keeping my stuck, broke and miserable. Others’ actions were directly impacting my decision making skills and keeping me unhappy, single, bad money management and focusing on jobs that were soul sucking to me. I had to find the secret sauce that would allow me to thrive despite the traumas and abuses that I dealt with for the first two-thirds of my life. I desperately wanted to be happy. I desperately did not want to feel the weight of any of it anymore: hopelessness, lack mentality, low self-esteem, unattractive, and all of the myriad self-sabotaging thought patterns I had always engaged in. Taking this hard look at myself was the most difficult thing I have ever gone through. Figuring out why I did the things I did. It was heartbreaking on so many levels: recognizing who let me down and how. I could only go up from there. And, heal those wounds to have a better day(s).

The releasing was the forgiveness that I had to give everyone, myself included. Not forgiveness of letting anyone off the hook. The forgiveness that is the acceptance of things could not have been other than what they were. Not needing to know the why or the how of all the decisions that negatively impacted my life from all the people who were supposed to love me. The forgiveness allowed me to release the attachment to my ego: the need to be right.

I struggled with this for years. The idea of ‘letting anyone of the hook’ and the anger that I held on to in my justifiable indignation of the hurts and traumas that I had endured, or righteousness was, also, blocking me from living in the freedom that the forgiveness has now produced in my life.

The forgiveness extinguishes the anger like a candle sniffer to a flame. The anger can eat you alive like a fire destroys everything in its wake. Anger eats at you and your ego feeds it from the need of being right or the need to keep you comfortable, playing small in the same pond that you have always been in. And effectively diminishing you, holding you back from the life that you are here to lead. You are in effect blocking your own dreams, wishes, desires and destiny. No one else is. No one is holding you back but you. This is a hard truth pill to swallow. You are the co-creator of your destiny with you higher-power (higher-self, God, your team).

Restoring: it is time to bring yourself into alignment with who you are and why you are having this life experience at this time. We are all here to be happy, to be fulfilled and to realize our dreams. Once you recognized what is holding you back and released your attachment to any egoic outcomes, you are ready to restore yourself to your desired life experience: happiness, fulfilled and in-service. As we are all here to be in-service in some way, it is everyone’s life purpose.

This is a journey with no real destination because as one trait comes up and is transmuted energetically we are taken to another level. This life experience is a journey unto itself. Learning to work this process over and over again brings you to the fulfillment that you seek on every level.

Blessings, M xo

#7, Heart Chakra and Mercury Rx

Number 7 resonates with the vibrations and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’, faith and spirituality, spiritual awakening and awareness, spiritual enlightenmentspiritual acceptance and development, mysticism, intuition and inner-knowing, and manifestation.”( I was born the 7th month in the 70th year. Seven has always had a lot of meaning for me. Finding the signs and symbols that resonate with you helps you to feel, know and experience spirit communication. We are all being guided to our unique path and it is important to recognize the signs that are leading us into alignment for our soul’s evolution and purpose at this time.

Leading with your heart, having a heart chakra wide open allows us to give love. When you have hurt, loss, heartbreak, it can be very difficult to lead heart wide open. And unfortunately, the only way to heal your heart chakra is to open in back up to give and receive. When you are holding on to grief, loss and hurt of any kind, it is very hard to trust and allow love to flow.

These two signs came to me during this Mercury Rx. Reviewing, revisiting….signs and symbols to lead you to releasing what no longer is for your highest and greatest good. Being mindful, staying aware, and open to synchronicity is very important. Spirit will bring you to it, but it is our awareness and acceptance that allows the connection to be beneficial to our life experience. This connection is very important to our evolution. Pay attention to the signs that you are being given.

We are here to evolve. We are evolving. This retrograde is going to push us out of our comfort zones to really look at those areas that have to be transformed in our lives, or we repeat old patterns and stay stuck in our situations that are not serving us. Subsequently, holding us back from getting to the purpose and happiness that is for us at this time.

The fear energy is powerful right now because the ego creates fear within us when we are trying to do/be something different. The ego identifies with safety. Different is seen as unsafe because it is not the expected, norm or known. However, we are not here to stay the same. We are here to evolve, so being uncomfortable is going to trigger the ego, or fear to try and keep us down, same old same old, and creating the same environments because familiar is safe.

It’s time to get uncomfortable. Releasing the negative self-talk, old patterns, sameness. Doing this is scary. Having a guiding system helps to know that you are safe in your “new” choices and directions. This is your connection to your Divinity: soul, higher-self, guides, angels, archangels, ascended masters, star mothers or whatever you are comfortable calling it. (They are ok with whatever you choose.)

Ways to get in alignment: meditation, breathing, tapping, energy healing (Reiki, IET, Unity Field Healing, etc.), intuitive coaching, reading/watching helpful others (Dyer, Tolle, Chopra, etc.) and listening/going within. Believing what you are experiencing is real.

Know that you are not alone in the evolution or in this life experience. This shift in consciousness is about becoming in-tune with love and the love within. Healing the human hurts/traumas opens up your heart chakra and raises your vibration to receive the love.

Every Mercury Rx breaks us open, some more than others and all in different signs that bring up different lessons…each and every time to evolve and teach us the next lesson or step to take us to alignment for our purpose here at this time in the earth plane of existence.

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8 Steps to Getting Out of Your Own Way

Many years ago I started on a road that has lead me on a journey of self-discovery. The hardest part has been to be able to be vulnerable with myself. Really getting honest about how I felt and my choices. It has been messy, ugly and terrifying most of the way. I had to assess why I made the choices I made and what was the catalyst for those choices. And at some point it had to be me….not others, not family, not relationships, not circumstances…but “me.” I had to say, “I did this.” Because, let’s face it, we all can play the blame game. But, it is through getting clear of blame and getting real with ourselves we can then become a new, more aware version of our former selves: the New Human.

We are all, in some way, being pushed into an awareness that there is more. More to this life existence then just living to die. We are here to become realized, aware, conscious co-creators of our experience in this life at this time in Earth’s evolution. However, we can not do this if we keep our limited beliefs and old stories to remain the way we live our lives today. It has shifted. We are evolving. We are being brought into awareness. The ego driven way of believing, knowing, and acting are the old system. The new day is dawning.

Healing the fear based emotions. Recognizing and releasing what is holding you back individually is affecting the whole. Like a ripple in the water after one pebble is thrown. Our individual healing, awakening, becoming conscious co-creators one person at a time will have the biggest impact over time. How do we do this?

Starting were you are at. Only focused on you. This is a very individual process. Some would say lonely. Finding like minded people helps. Finding materials to support you helps. Finding your connection to your Higher-self is key. Developing intuition, opening your third eye, trusting your feelings because what you are experiencing is real and true. Learning discernment is important. However, in this new energy, becoming high vibrational will keep you protected as you will work with only matching frequencies on the other side of the veil: ascended masters, archangels, guides and loved ones.

The healing the emotional body is what effectively raises your vibration. Abraham, as channeled by Esther Hicks has given us this information in the way of an Emotional Chart with all Fear at the bottom and all Love at the top. By bringing ourselves as close to love as we can, we can become closer to the Divine; and also tap into the divinity that is within each and everyone of us.

We chose to be here at this time. We chose to do the work, be the way showers, and help those around us through our vibrational frequencies, and not just people, but to help the planet, animals and all the eco-systems…big work!

Steps to start:

  1. Journal about your relationships: identify self-limiting beliefs
  2. Use positive affirmations, sound healing frequencies, and tapping techniques
  3. Start a Gratitude Journal: for 21 days list 10 things you are grateful for (a different ten each day).
  4. Forgiveness: finding and giving it to yourself and others
  5. Getting a therapist or counselor, medical advice and/or energy healing: Reiki, IET, Unity Field Healing, etc.
  6. Finding Compassion for yourself and others
  7. Reading inspirational material and using guided manuals for the process
  8. Finding a like minded group: in-person or virtually

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Blessings, M xo