R101: What is Discernment?

Acuteness of judgement or understanding is how dictionary.com defines discernment. And I can honestly say, I did not use this word until about a year ago on a regular basis. Being extremely sensitive to the people, situations and thought patterns in my life was not something I did. However, as we become more self-aware to heal, this concept becomes very important, indeed.

We have to acutely judge:

  1. where we spend out time
  2. who we spend out time with
  3. what we think: negatively, positively
  4. our thought patterns
  5. what is important to us
  6. who is beneficial in our lives vs. who is not
  7. why we do the things we do
  8. why we allow situations to continue
  9. how we interact with people: to pleasing or to critical
  10. how we feel about ourselves vs. others
  11. how we allow people and situations to continue: good or bad
  12. when it is time to end a situation or a relationship
  13. when it is time to fight for a situation or a relationship

And many more….as you become aware of what has lead you into a Desperate Despair situation, you will have to learn how to be discerning as you move forward as to not repeat old patterns and self-sabotaging ways.

Self-awareness leads to trusting yourself to make the best decision every time.

The second way in which “discerning” came into my awareness was in my connection to Spirit or psychic ability. Was I hearing, feeling, knowing what Spirit was bringing me or was I allowing my Ego self-talk to influence me?

When we are letting our fears dictate our emotions and actions that is when we are fighting to have or receive the things we want and our thoughts run away with negative self-talk and self-sabotaging actions. The ego is always going to keep you “playing small” or in your comfort zone. The easy choice.

Spirit’s message, knowing you know, but not how you know, or hearing a thought, or having a feeling about a situation or person/relationship that comes from the heart is the message from spirit. It is subtle and can be missed, ignored or pushed aside because it is subtle and the fear-based thought is easier.

Spirit is ALWAYS bringing you to what is for you. Not the easy choice. Always the choice that will lead out of your comfort zone that feels exciting with a hint of scary. Being discerning in this instance will help you to know the difference. Take your time and practice with the little messages at first. The more you show spirit that you trust and act on their guidance the more they will give you, and it will be on bigger Leaps of Faith or inspiration for your life purpose.

More to come.

Blessings, M xo

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