Desperate Despair: No More

So, you hit bottom. The only place to go is up. I know that you have heard of that before. But, it is TRUE. Once you have hit this level of failure, discontent and emotional despondency, all you can do is make the decision to do something different. What you did in the past and how you made your choices clearly did NOT work. Whether it is addiction, money or relationships, in all those situations all you can affect or change is you! Your perceptions, expectations and decision making all have to change. Everything familiar has to go.

At this level of despondency you have in effect wiped out fear. You no longer have the same level of fear in your life because it HAPPENED. All the ways that you were afraid your life would go: it went, it crashed, and you lost. This is why you can only go up: improve, have, and reach for your dreams.

What you thought. What held you back. Criticism, judgement, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, hate, rage, revenge, anger, discouragement, blame, worry, doubt, disappointment, overwhelm, pessimism, insecurity, powerlessness, and more: these are all the ways that hold us back. Our ego mind talking us out of feeling good for whatever trauma, pain or hurt that you are holding in your emotional body.

What the fear was that brought you to this low point is now giving way to having something entirely new, and this brings with it liberation. It is now time to take the Leap of Faith to make a different decision. Walking away from the “expectations of others” or letting those “limiting beliefs” about yourself hold you back any longer.

Recognizing and releasing is the healing that needs to occur so that you do not repeat this pattern and find yourself in this place again. Repeating patterns are the egos way of trying to keep you safe by not stepping out of your comfort zone to have anything new/different. But it is not safe if you find yourself on the bottom after each attempt. This is how we hurt our selves in relationships and keep ourselves in money deficit: lack mentality.

Lack mentality is the idea that we do not have enough: love, money or addiction (whatever that looks like for you: food, spending, drugs, sex, etc). Regardless of how much we actually have, it is never enough. We seek it out at the determent to ourselves because we are never satisfied. It becomes that obsession that is going to make everything else in our lives better, and it does NOT.

How do we heal? You start by being honest with yourself, your life choices, and your emotions surrounding both.

  1. How do I self-sabotage?
  2. What is my negative self-talk?
  3. What choices do I keep making that do not bring me the desired result?
  4. Who am I blaming?
  5. Who talks down to me, who abuses me (verbally, emotionally, physically or sexually) and/or who neglects me?
  6. Who do I need to disconnect from?
  7. What situation do I need to leave?
  8. What is the fear that is holding me back? Identify.

These questions will start the healing process by identifying and making the necessary changes. Using forgiveness will allow you to heal from whatever your situation is; letting go of the attachment to what happened and decisions made at the time that they were made. Only focus on the lessons learned and create new goals in the new found personal power of having survived through your very own version of Desperate Despair: hitting the bottom.

Seeking professional help is encouraged if you are in a dangerous situation or harming yourself and also, need help to work through traumatizing situations.

When you have lived this level of fear that brought this level of failure your vibrational frequency is the lowest. Through finding: contentment, hopefulness and optimism you begin to raise your vibrational frequency that will activate the Law of Attraction with the Law of Correspondence to allow the Universe to bring you the desires that you are trying to manifest without you having to struggle, strive or fight for the happiness you want. The easiest and fastest way to do this is keep gratitude foremost in your emotional signature: mantras, journaling and feeling the emotion repeatedly will change your life.

Desperate Despair: No More is what you can do to heal from having hit the bottom.

Blessings, M xo

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