Desperate Despair

At one time or another, we all fall down. Something in our life falls apart. We lose a relationship that we thought would go the distance. We lose a job that was our dream job. We lose our home. We lose our car. Any one of these scenarios feels catastrophic of an event that we have to recover from.

Finding love is hard, finding that one person who you find a connection with is hard and when you do it is the most magical feeling in the world. Having your dream job gives you safety and stability that allows you to have a foundation on where you can build all the other parts of your life. Having your own transportation gives you freedom and independence that allows you to go and do whatever you want, whenever you want. All of these are things that we all strive to have. We work really hard to achieve. These are the foundational principals of a happy life. So, the loss of anyone of these things really affects you on a physical, emotional, energetic or ethereal, and mental levels, changing your vibrational frequency because the loss of one of these things makes you fearful on some level for your survival.

So, when you lose all of these things in the same time frame, this can bring you to desperate despair. The feeling of not being safe and afraid for your safety and survival. Knowing that in some way all of your choices have lead to this point. Realizing that you have affected your own situation so negatively that you are at ground zero: homeless, jobless and carless. How do you recover? And you ask yourself this honestly because you know that to make the same decisions or go the same way as you have will get you similar results. You have let yourself down in the most fundamental ways, so how do you trust yourself and your decision making from here?

This is where you have to become self-aware. Becoming aware or yourself and WHY you have made the decisions that you have. What has lead you to this place of Desperate Despair? Even if you only had experienced one or two of these scenarios or something similar, you have to look within to find the cause. It is only there will you find the way to heal those parts of yourself that will allow the catalyst for change to take place and allow things to be different: positive.

Have you been in denial for a very long time of those hurts, traumas and abuses that have propelled you to engage in self-sabotaging ways? Addiction, denial, people pleasing, unworthiness, abusive relationship or toxic people in key roles in your life, health issues, etc. and all of these ways can look very different for everyone, but you have to get very honest with yourself before you can ever start to heal. And heal you must! It is the only way to have something different, positive and sustainable.

How? One step at a time. One wound at a time. Some may need therapeutic care, counseling, or physician’s help. Some may need to unpack their emotional bodies one step at a time through journaling and reading helpful guides: self-help or inspirational books. Sound healing and energy work can help. There are many modalities of help for the healing. But none of it will work if you are not getting clear on what is holding you back.

Desperate Despair is a HUGE motivator for change. And by making the changes, starting the process you are coming into alignment with your Divinity. The God inside you. We are being brought to our knees in some way at this time to be the catalyst that we need to change our lives. To change our relationship with each other and the planet. Going forward the old ways of being and doing will not work. We have to do better because now we know better–Maya Angelou said it so eloquently all those years ago.

We are waking up. Waking up to who and what we are: spiritual beings in a human condition. More and more of us are getting in touch with our spiritualness and it is beautiful. But it is a transforming energy and way of life. As you go down your path you will be brought to new awareness and connection. Do not despair because it is for you.

Take it one day at a time and know that as hard is it is to unpack and heal your wounds. It is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself and those you love to become the best version of this 3demensional self and gain access to your 5demensional self by raising your vibrational frequency.

Blessings, M xo

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