R101: What is Discernment?

Acuteness of judgement or understanding is how dictionary.com defines discernment. And I can honestly say, I did not use this word until about a year ago on a regular basis. Being extremely sensitive to the people, situations and thought patterns in my life was not something I did. However, as we become more self-aware to heal, this concept becomes very important, indeed.

We have to acutely judge:

  1. where we spend out time
  2. who we spend out time with
  3. what we think: negatively, positively
  4. our thought patterns
  5. what is important to us
  6. who is beneficial in our lives vs. who is not
  7. why we do the things we do
  8. why we allow situations to continue
  9. how we interact with people: to pleasing or to critical
  10. how we feel about ourselves vs. others
  11. how we allow people and situations to continue: good or bad
  12. when it is time to end a situation or a relationship
  13. when it is time to fight for a situation or a relationship

And many more….as you become aware of what has lead you into a Desperate Despair situation, you will have to learn how to be discerning as you move forward as to not repeat old patterns and self-sabotaging ways.

Self-awareness leads to trusting yourself to make the best decision every time.

The second way in which “discerning” came into my awareness was in my connection to Spirit or psychic ability. Was I hearing, feeling, knowing what Spirit was bringing me or was I allowing my Ego self-talk to influence me?

When we are letting our fears dictate our emotions and actions that is when we are fighting to have or receive the things we want and our thoughts run away with negative self-talk and self-sabotaging actions. The ego is always going to keep you “playing small” or in your comfort zone. The easy choice.

Spirit’s message, knowing you know, but not how you know, or hearing a thought, or having a feeling about a situation or person/relationship that comes from the heart is the message from spirit. It is subtle and can be missed, ignored or pushed aside because it is subtle and the fear-based thought is easier.

Spirit is ALWAYS bringing you to what is for you. Not the easy choice. Always the choice that will lead out of your comfort zone that feels exciting with a hint of scary. Being discerning in this instance will help you to know the difference. Take your time and practice with the little messages at first. The more you show spirit that you trust and act on their guidance the more they will give you, and it will be on bigger Leaps of Faith or inspiration for your life purpose.

More to come.

Blessings, M xo

Desperate Despair: No More

So, you hit bottom. The only place to go is up. I know that you have heard of that before. But, it is TRUE. Once you have hit this level of failure, discontent and emotional despondency, all you can do is make the decision to do something different. What you did in the past and how you made your choices clearly did NOT work. Whether it is addiction, money or relationships, in all those situations all you can affect or change is you! Your perceptions, expectations and decision making all have to change. Everything familiar has to go.

At this level of despondency you have in effect wiped out fear. You no longer have the same level of fear in your life because it HAPPENED. All the ways that you were afraid your life would go: it went, it crashed, and you lost. This is why you can only go up: improve, have, and reach for your dreams.

What you thought. What held you back. Criticism, judgement, insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, hate, rage, revenge, anger, discouragement, blame, worry, doubt, disappointment, overwhelm, pessimism, insecurity, powerlessness, and more: these are all the ways that hold us back. Our ego mind talking us out of feeling good for whatever trauma, pain or hurt that you are holding in your emotional body.

What the fear was that brought you to this low point is now giving way to having something entirely new, and this brings with it liberation. It is now time to take the Leap of Faith to make a different decision. Walking away from the “expectations of others” or letting those “limiting beliefs” about yourself hold you back any longer.

Recognizing and releasing is the healing that needs to occur so that you do not repeat this pattern and find yourself in this place again. Repeating patterns are the egos way of trying to keep you safe by not stepping out of your comfort zone to have anything new/different. But it is not safe if you find yourself on the bottom after each attempt. This is how we hurt our selves in relationships and keep ourselves in money deficit: lack mentality.

Lack mentality is the idea that we do not have enough: love, money or addiction (whatever that looks like for you: food, spending, drugs, sex, etc). Regardless of how much we actually have, it is never enough. We seek it out at the determent to ourselves because we are never satisfied. It becomes that obsession that is going to make everything else in our lives better, and it does NOT.

How do we heal? You start by being honest with yourself, your life choices, and your emotions surrounding both.

  1. How do I self-sabotage?
  2. What is my negative self-talk?
  3. What choices do I keep making that do not bring me the desired result?
  4. Who am I blaming?
  5. Who talks down to me, who abuses me (verbally, emotionally, physically or sexually) and/or who neglects me?
  6. Who do I need to disconnect from?
  7. What situation do I need to leave?
  8. What is the fear that is holding me back? Identify.

These questions will start the healing process by identifying and making the necessary changes. Using forgiveness will allow you to heal from whatever your situation is; letting go of the attachment to what happened and decisions made at the time that they were made. Only focus on the lessons learned and create new goals in the new found personal power of having survived through your very own version of Desperate Despair: hitting the bottom.

Seeking professional help is encouraged if you are in a dangerous situation or harming yourself and also, need help to work through traumatizing situations.

When you have lived this level of fear that brought this level of failure your vibrational frequency is the lowest. Through finding: contentment, hopefulness and optimism you begin to raise your vibrational frequency that will activate the Law of Attraction with the Law of Correspondence to allow the Universe to bring you the desires that you are trying to manifest without you having to struggle, strive or fight for the happiness you want. The easiest and fastest way to do this is keep gratitude foremost in your emotional signature: mantras, journaling and feeling the emotion repeatedly will change your life.

Desperate Despair: No More is what you can do to heal from having hit the bottom.

Blessings, M xo

Desperate Despair

At one time or another, we all fall down. Something in our life falls apart. We lose a relationship that we thought would go the distance. We lose a job that was our dream job. We lose our home. We lose our car. Any one of these scenarios feels catastrophic of an event that we have to recover from.

Finding love is hard, finding that one person who you find a connection with is hard and when you do it is the most magical feeling in the world. Having your dream job gives you safety and stability that allows you to have a foundation on where you can build all the other parts of your life. Having your own transportation gives you freedom and independence that allows you to go and do whatever you want, whenever you want. All of these are things that we all strive to have. We work really hard to achieve. These are the foundational principals of a happy life. So, the loss of anyone of these things really affects you on a physical, emotional, energetic or ethereal, and mental levels, changing your vibrational frequency because the loss of one of these things makes you fearful on some level for your survival.

So, when you lose all of these things in the same time frame, this can bring you to desperate despair. The feeling of not being safe and afraid for your safety and survival. Knowing that in some way all of your choices have lead to this point. Realizing that you have affected your own situation so negatively that you are at ground zero: homeless, jobless and carless. How do you recover? And you ask yourself this honestly because you know that to make the same decisions or go the same way as you have will get you similar results. You have let yourself down in the most fundamental ways, so how do you trust yourself and your decision making from here?

This is where you have to become self-aware. Becoming aware or yourself and WHY you have made the decisions that you have. What has lead you to this place of Desperate Despair? Even if you only had experienced one or two of these scenarios or something similar, you have to look within to find the cause. It is only there will you find the way to heal those parts of yourself that will allow the catalyst for change to take place and allow things to be different: positive.

Have you been in denial for a very long time of those hurts, traumas and abuses that have propelled you to engage in self-sabotaging ways? Addiction, denial, people pleasing, unworthiness, abusive relationship or toxic people in key roles in your life, health issues, etc. and all of these ways can look very different for everyone, but you have to get very honest with yourself before you can ever start to heal. And heal you must! It is the only way to have something different, positive and sustainable.

How? One step at a time. One wound at a time. Some may need therapeutic care, counseling, or physician’s help. Some may need to unpack their emotional bodies one step at a time through journaling and reading helpful guides: self-help or inspirational books. Sound healing and energy work can help. There are many modalities of help for the healing. But none of it will work if you are not getting clear on what is holding you back.

Desperate Despair is a HUGE motivator for change. And by making the changes, starting the process you are coming into alignment with your Divinity. The God inside you. We are being brought to our knees in some way at this time to be the catalyst that we need to change our lives. To change our relationship with each other and the planet. Going forward the old ways of being and doing will not work. We have to do better because now we know better–Maya Angelou said it so eloquently all those years ago.

We are waking up. Waking up to who and what we are: spiritual beings in a human condition. More and more of us are getting in touch with our spiritualness and it is beautiful. But it is a transforming energy and way of life. As you go down your path you will be brought to new awareness and connection. Do not despair because it is for you.

Take it one day at a time and know that as hard is it is to unpack and heal your wounds. It is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself and those you love to become the best version of this 3demensional self and gain access to your 5demensional self by raising your vibrational frequency.

Blessings, M xo

R101: What is Surrender?

The more I think of this and try and explain it to others I realize that it is another word for faith. Most correlate faith with religion. However, it is bigger than organized religion. It is the trust that we put in God (Creator, Universe, All that Is, or however you identify with Divine Source).

Surrender is allowing God to take over. Using inspiration by trusting that He has control and all we can do is follow. Faith is the trust that we have to know that He and our higher-self have our highest and greatest good in mind. We have a purpose, a reason for being in this lifetime at this time. This is not random but the Universal Intention or the Plan for us (individually and collectively).

The song written by Brett James, Hillary Lindsey and Gordie Sampson, Jesus, Take the Wheel describes it:

Jesus, take the wheel
Take it from my hands
‘Cause I can’t do this on my own
I’m letting go
So give me one more chance
And save me from this road I’m on
Jesus, take the wheel

Often we in our human condition think that we know best and try to direct our lives. But as the song states once we have exhausted our options of trying and failing or trying and not getting the desired result, then we need help. And where is that help going to come from? Taking your hands of the wheel of your life and trusting in something bigger to handle the “how” of what it is you want or feel inspired to work for is the key.

Also, we have to allow it to unfold not only in the way that we do not control, but also in the time that it is meant to; and now when we want it to. Those two pieces together are the over arching idea of surrender. As human beings having a spiritual experience, THIS IS THE HARDEST PART.

The “how” and the “when” are what we want to know right now. And those are the pieces that have to be revealed because we need the knowledge, lessons and experiences on the way. As unfun as those parts are they are the parts that create to opportunities and relationships that take us on the road that is for us on this journey of our unique experience and life purpose.

Surrendering is letting everything to flow to you. Not letting the egoic, fear driven thoughts affect you anymore. Knowing that all that fear has created nothing but chaos and confusion as you have tried to navigate on your own. Our Will Center located in the Solar Plexis Chakra will keep guiding us to what we want, but God will handle the “how” and “when.” Our part at this point is to keep doing the tasks and creating the space and unblocking ourselves to receive what is for us: gratitude, forgiveness, and intention are all involved. See previous Blogs on those topics.

Staying in alignment while in Surrender will allow you to begin to receive all the manifestations that you have been wanting. Be open to how it arrives as most likely they will not be what you expect or even could see. We, as human, can get very specific ideas and are disappointed when they do not arrive…Spirit will hardly ever bring you what you want, but they will ALWAYS bring you what is for you and your life purpose. Be open!

More to come.

Blessings, M xo