R101: Intuition vs. Ego

I get asked all the time: how do I know the difference between my thoughts and my intuition? This becomes a discussion involving your egoic mind and communication from spirit. The ego was developed for the human race to aid in the fight or flight response to stay alive and be safe in our surroundings. Now, we no longer need that level of response in our survival. However, we still have that function and now our body uses it to keep us fearful for safety in all situations.

Your intuition is your spirit guides or guardian angels (choose what is most comfortable for you to call them). They will give you the ideas, inspiration or information that will help you on your journey. This will almost never be the easy option. Their job is to keep you in alignment with you path that is this life time’s journey of growth. Each of us have pre-ordained what our path would be before we incarnated on this planet at this time, but we have free will choice and may decide to follow your desires. This will almost always lead us off the path and give us a lesson along the way. That lesson will bring us back to alignment with our unique life path is at this time.

Meditation is the key to hearing, feeling, knowing and sensing the messages that spirit has for you. Sitting quietly for 10-20 minutes listening to a monotonous sound or a guided meditation makes no difference: your choice. But to incorporate a daily mediation practice into your life will enhance your connection so that you will be able to easily identify what is spirit and what is ego.

The good news is even if you decide to use free will and go your own way…spirit will always lead you back to your path. What I tell my clients is that…you just take the longer road and learn a hard lesson on the way. To circumvent this process, trust and act on the information you are being given. The more you live your life this way the more you will find the easier road.

The secret I will let you in on is that we are not here to have an easy journey. We are in the school of life, and therefore we are here to learn something new. This will lead to hard choices and leaps of faith!

More to come.

Blessings, M xo

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