R101: Spiritual Body

Everyone has some type of relationship with the idea of something more. Some do not believe at all that there is something more. Some are on the fence. Some keep the idea open just in case. Some believe through faith and hold on to religious beliefs and it is ok with where ever you are at with your beliefs. Spirituality is connection to the source of All that Is. However, as human beings we have free will choice and if you don’t invite Spirit into your life, then you won’t have the connection.

There is nothing to be afraid of. In many instances when I sit with people who are not familiar with a Spirit in their lives as a real experience, they are fearful of what I might tell them or say in communication with Spirit. However, there is nothing to fear as only Love comes through. Spirit is all about helping us be better and do better. And, your loved one’s coming through only want to reassure you that all is well with them and that you are loved and just as loved and if not more as now they are on the other side in communion with the pure source energy of Love.

Opening up to intuition, Source or your ‘gut instinct’ is becoming aligned with spirituality in whatever form that you are comfortable with. Unlike religion, there is no one size fits all. This is your unique experience. Reading spiritual books and teachers that resonate with you will help you on your path. But, the real connection comes with your own spiritual practice.

A spiritual practice looks however you want it to. The key is to meditate. And, meditation can also be whatever you want it to be. Sitting quietly for ten to fifteen minutes: in nature, your favorite chair or lying down. Walking, daydreaming and rhythmic actions where your mind can wander freely are all ways in which you may be already meditating. Guided meditations are another way in which you can intentionally begin a meditation practice. YouTube has many to choose from and I would just pick the one that you like, resonates with you in some way or you are drawn to.

Opening your connection is opening your Crown Chakra which is an energy center that is connected to your pineal gland activating your spiritual center in your body. Meditation is the way in which to open and strengthen your connection to Source, your guides, guardian angels or however you believe. No way is better than another. Each journey is unique to the individual. I don’t want you to think that you can get this wrong. Always ask for whatever you desire the connection to be. They are waiting for you to connect and invite them into your existence. They will not intrude on your human experience. It is a beautiful and special connection that you must ask for.

I would encourage you to keep a journal of your meditations. It will be helpful to be able to remember, reference your experiences and recognize the messages for you.

More to come.

Blessings, M xo

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