R101: Healing the Emotions

Many people ask me what is Shadow work? How do I know if I need to do it? Why do I need to do it? What if I don’t do it? Shadow work is looking at the dark parts of yourself, the parts that we like to stuff down or ignore. Unfortunately, your emotional body does not go away. You can ignore and distract yourself from the hurts and traumas that you have gone through and are going through, and that will only perpetuate what you will go through in the future.

Not recognizing why you make your decisions. Not being aware of why you put yourself in situations. Not looking to closely at the cycles and patterns that your decision making is creating in your life will keep you making the same decisions, creating the same outcomes; even though you are expecting a different outcome each new time. The definition of chaos. How do we stop the chaos?

Shadow work is recognizing and healing that part of you that keeps you from moving forward in your life in a positive, productive way. It is work that you do alone. It is hard work, painful work, emotional work, and the best thing that you can do for yourself and those around you that love you and that you love.

Eckhart Tolle calls this aspect of yourself your ‘pain body.’ Your emotional body where you store all the pain. Which affects the lens that you feel all of the emotional energy that comes at you from those who love or want to love you. If you feel unworthy, then you will be suspicious of anyone who is trying to do, be or give you nice things, especially love in any form. If you feel bad, then you will never accept anything as good in your life. And, so on and so on.

Healing your emotional body takes two parts: recognizing and forgiving.

Getting real with yourself about what you are not allowing yourself to feel will reveal what is in your ‘pain body.’ Journal: write out the story of each of your relationships, including yourself. What theme or repeated pattern do you see?

Recognizing your decision making and the how and why you make them will reveal where you need to heal.

Forgive the other person, forgive the situation, or forgive yourself. And, I like to think of forgiveness as accepting that the best decision was made at the time that it happened and move on.

It might have been a really horrible decision with catastrophic consequences for your life, but at the time the person or situation was the best that could be done for whatever reason. And, you may never know the reason. Acceptance of what went down and by whom is all you can do to move you forward toward receiving the best possible outcome in you life now.

Holding onto old hurts only keeps you from realizing your best life now!

More to come.

Blessings, M xo

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