Where We Go from Here

We are coming to the close of 2020. This is not an isolated year. This next year will see more changes. As well as the changes that have taken place and take root for some as others keep rebelling against the changes and call for normalcy. Normal: what is normal?

Running from job to home to practice. Eating fast food on the fly. Planning meet ups. Going to the latest attraction. Seeing the latest film. Buying the latest trend. Shopping, spending, going, doing. We were really good at being distracted. Every one of us. Kids in daycare, school, or activity. Parents on boards, working over-time, trying to keep up. Society staying distracted by media and government, being told what to do, how to act, what was available.

This last six months has allowed everyone to sit back, take a deep breath, and just be. In some way, we have all had a moment to ourselves. Teachers gained their value back. Nurses became heroes. Everyone in every kind of service area was found to be needed. We found our interdependentness again. Growing food. Holistic medicine. The planet and her resources. Faith and believing that we are protected.

This is the New Earth. Finding the way to come together as a whole. Human, Animal, Planet: all the kingdoms coming together to live sustainably. We are on the cusp of wiping ourselves out. This year has given us an example of how easy it would be to do just that with one virus. Do we heed the warning?

I have watched documentary after documentary showing us just how easy it would be to convert to sustainable fuel, food and living within our eco-system. I am excited about where we can go as humanity in creating a New Earth for our future generations. But, how do we change large, financially thriving industries that do Not want to loose their wealth and power on the world stage? How do we eliminate these super powers who want dominance?

Change must come. Power must be distributed. Only through grass roots efforts and the majority coming together will we affect the change that is so desperately needed. In the US, we have an election coming up and I am struggling with who to vote for. Both big parties represent this kind of power and dominance that must be eliminated.

What can I do? I can keep supporting the local businesses. I can donate to the environmental causes. I can keep voting for the representation that believes in protecting us all and breaking down the systemic organizations that contribute to the old paradigm.

I can be the example of integrity. I can help my fellow neighbor however I am able to. I can be kind. I can be helpful. I can be of service with my gifts and talents. I believe that is what we are all called to be doing right now. No more distracting ourselves, but open our perceptions and hearts to each other and the spaceship Earth and all of its inhabitants. Be inclusive. Love. Love each other. Love the environment. Love ourselves. Make the changes. And, stand together.

Blessings, M xo

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