The Shift: part II

This has been a hell of a year. 2020 has blown up! We have seen social unrest and personal chaos. This is not the end of the changes. There are more to come. From political reform to how we make money going forward. Paradigms are shifting. We are seeing large institutions decline and many large businesses retool themselves to be competitive in this new market. The industrial age is over and the technological advancements are bigger than we even know with new technologies that can take over human manufacturing, driving and preforming expediential calculations. We are not needed as a work force in the same way and we will not go back to that way. So, this idea of getting back to normal is ludicrous. The technology exists to operate any machine and the energy source has been discovered to power whatever we need for longer than we can describe. As we move forward more and more of these advances are going to be revealed. And we have to be prepared.

Financial institutions, big companies and conglomerates are going to be phased out with smaller entrepreneurs being the new norm. We are seeing the emergence of this already as people open on-line businesses at a rate never seen before. People are discovering farming and gardening. We are becoming more Earth conscious. We are seeing a resurgence of togetherness, compassion and empathy for all. Getting back to the neighbor helping neighbor model of the 19th century and before. Somewhere in the Industrial age we became all about consumerism, competition and greed. Ego-centric to our own kind, family, business, job or group. Eliminating the need to have higher consciousness if we were competing and feeling like we were maintaining or winning, then that was all that mattered. We saw the decline of the church, religion, and spirituality.

We are moving into an age of higher-consciousness as the consumer culture deadened our spirit. Now, our spirit is rising to show us the way to open us all up to the more we have been diminishing for a century. We are seeking connection, like never before, with something more that is outside of ourselves but apart of all of us. Intuition and gut instinct is the beginning of recognizing that we all are equipped to lead our lives on the path that is for us in connection to everyone and everything. We are here to be of service to the Earth and each other in whatever form that takes for you. This is the shift we are all making in our individual ways.

Getting into connection with our higher-consciousness takes practice. Leaning into the idea that we have no real control. We have a path and can make decisions about which way to go; however, we will always be brought back to our individual journey through lessons when we go against our instinct. Our instinct is our guiding force, but it is a feeling and we are inclined to follow our thoughts.

Following our thoughts is allowing the fear of the unknown to direct us off our path. Allowing the thoughts to arise and let them go will allow you to connect with the feelings. The emotion from our soul is the path that will lead us on our way. Our way is unique to us and not all will be allowed to come with us. Surrendering to the ebb and flow of the events and people in your life will, also allow you to gain what you need when you need to and leave what you do not.

This higher-consciousness connection will raise your frequency or vibration in the Universe allowing the people, events and things to flow to you. When you fight the way, you block yourself from having what it is that you desire. This way of being will bring you into resonance with everything and everyone around you putting you in the place that is for you.

1. Letting go of what you think life should be for you is paramount.

2. Being open minded about the inspiration and feelings that are trying to guide you will be incredibly life altering.

This is the shift.

Blessing, M xo

Mars Rx 2020: because we haven’t been through enough apparently!

Ugh! Revisiting mid 2018 is not something I want to ever do and especially right now. This was the year that I was given clear insight on my childhood wounds of abuse and neglect. It gutted me to the core and has taken over a year and a half of self-care, forgiveness and gratitude work of the highest order. I have been preaching how these practices have been instrumental in getting me this far. Oh, how I had no idea?!

Back when I was twenty I went to counseling for sexual abuse that I was unsure I was remembering correctly. I was that young. And anger issues surrounding my mother. What transpired was recognizing that my inner child was wounded…I had no idea what that meant or how to heal it then. So, I bought a book that I was drawn to and read maybe the first chapter. I was not equipped at that time for what it would take to navigate the healing of these two very major traumas. But, I now know this was the beginning of peeling back the layers of this particular onion.

You see, I would come to realize that these two wounds were intricately linked in ways I had no way of putting together at that time. So, this retrograde is pulling out the roots of these traumas in a most welcome way, but damn it is hard to revisit even the remnants of all of this gunk. And I call it gunk because it was clogging my Solar plexus, Sacral and Root chakras for years. It took so many years of exploring and learning to know just how deep these wounds were embedded in my emotional, energetic and physical bodies.

I never let people get close to me. I never felt enthusiastic about anything and I emotionally ate for years…leading to gastric bypass. I was lonely, angry, depressed and fat. Welcome to my twenties. But it all stemmed from the first five years of my life. It has been crazy to me that those first years have been monumentally impacting all of my decisions and experiences until I recognized what that experience was truthfully. And it has been shattering to learn just how systemic emotional neglect at your earliest development can hinder all of your developmental progress for your whole life until you are able to recognize it and heal it.

Beware! These next few weeks energetically can feel volatile if you let them. Being conscious will help you navigate yourself, but those around you that are not conscious will try and trigger you. And, you know that you are doing the work successfully if you are able to not be triggered and ignore or diffuse the person trying, oh so hard, to push your buttons.

  • Recognize what was going on in mid 2018
  • Know that this is another layer being revisited: heal or not (your choice)
  • Your emotional body is important and will be recognized: now or later (but at some time you will have to deal with what you are currently stuffing down…I promise)
  • Forgiveness is your friend: not letting anyone off of the hook, but recognizing that they (or you) were making the best decision at the time it was being made…let it go!
  • Using gratitude for the lesson: this may take some time…be gentle with yourself
  • Self-care: take all the time you need to heal, let go of anyone else’s expectations of you or your decisions, and give yourself permission to do or be whatever you need as you work through your stuff

Taking time out when you need it and respecting your own energy levels will also help you be the best version of yourself through these chaotic energies. Be well my friends.

Blessings, M xo