The Shift

Loving each other is a prime focus for being on the human plane of existence. As humans we get so caught up in the need for love in our lives that we can overlook the need to love ourselves first. As we have become more materialistic by letting our fears overtake us. We have been programmed through fear for years by the advertising industry as well as our government to keep up with the Jones’ to have what they have, to want what they want and to surpass them in acquiring things for economic  purposes. We have been programmed to need to look a certain way, weigh a certain amount or have the right things…this programming has led us away from our ability and need to be authentic.

We did not come here to have a similar experience to anyone else. We came here to have our own unique experience. It is time for us to embrace our uniqueness. Our size, hair color and all the ways physical and non-physical that we are different. Undoing the programming is hard. I was contacted a few days ago by someone inquiring about Shadow Work: getting to know yourself, healing your traumas and finding your patterns of behaviour. We are embracing who we are at a rate not seen before. Getting in touch with what makes us tick. Our passions and inspirations. So much of the mainstream ways of being and doing is being let go of out of necessity because everything is changing. The new paradigm is beginning. Individualism vs Herd Mentality. Getting back to our roots.

We are hearing about farming, growing, planting, medicinal plants and homeopathic, herbalist resources to counter the big drug companies. Getting away from being told what is good for us and going with what we feel is good for us. We are discovering our roots in all ways. Not allowing ourselves to be led as sheep to the slaughter but waking up to what we ‘know’ to be true and in line with what is best for our basic human needs. Learning how to grow our own food and what to take for ailments and sickness that was used for thousands of years before big business.

Systemic racism and slavery in any form. These are evils that have been swept under the rug for many years. The light is being shed on so many inequalities, injustices and heinous crimes by those who felt above the law. We are exposing the depravity. We are exposing the secret societies and agencies that have been conspiring behind the scenes to write the narrative for us all on things that are our right to know and be a part of the decision making. Policies and procedures that affect us, human rights, and our planet.

Nothing has to be gotten in a day. These changes on the global scale will take the next few years at least. Today, you can start by questioning everything. Going with what feels right for you and yours. Change is here and as for everything getting back to normal. It isn’t. We are entering into a new normal. Schedules, focus and authenticity shifts will be revealed as the normal emerging from the decisions that will be made from a governmental stand point but more importantly from your stand point of what is needed for you and yours. Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is taking one step at a time through the fear. We are all being called to be courageous in our own way for our own good.

Learning what you need to know.

Questioning everything that does not resonate.

Being ok to stand up for your own beliefs.

Courage in the face of fear.

Love for all: people, plant, animal and planet.

The normal that is being missed was the pollution to our souls, bodies and land. That normal cannot exist if we are to leave a legacy of prosperity for our children and the planet. We are being called to be the change, make the difference and to have the courage to take back our rights as humans to live as we see fit for the good of all.