Healing Together

My story as a light-worker started with abuse and neglect. We as light-workers is not an easy path. We have chosen to incarnate on this planet at this time to be helpers of the light. To show and teach others that there is more than the 3D. Accessing the Matrix, the energy field that connects us all: physical beings, spirit beings and the higher beings; Earth, Spirit, and All That Is connected in a way that has not happened for millennia. We are being called back to remember and experience the symbiotic relationship of the universe in a way that will catapult us into the next chapter of human existence.

What stayed with me was the gut-wrenching fear of being bad and doing something wrong that stole my voice, my ability to ask for and receive what I needed physically and emotionally. It was my silence that allowed everyone around me to ignore me, have pride in my quietness, and expect me to comply willingly always. Years later, when I did try to speak up for myself, I was discounted or pushed aside. Unless I was doing or giving to others and their needs, I was dismissed. To be so unseen and unheard by the people who were supposed to love me was heart breaking every time I tried to ask for something: emotionally and physically.

It is this powerlessness that we have to heal from. As women and men of this kind of systematic alienation, we have to free ourselves from the generational pattern of holding it in or not speaking our truth. Helping each other to feel safe and be heard. Only through the exposure of these patterns can we start to build anew. Seeing and hearing each other can and is making all the difference.

Hundreds of years of conditioning will take time to undo the silence, to undo the inability to speak up. Fear is a powerful weapon. Secrecy has been the weapon of choice to keep the connected disconnected.

We are the way-showers the new generation of women and men that are able to see, know, hear and feel the information that is for all of us to access and have the ability to access but we have lost that ability through the fear from the unbelievers. People who need to concretely know their world and people around them. Not being able to tap into their other senses. Having forgotten how to access the Divine, Universe, Source, God-Consciousness. We have to help those that have forgotten how to trust and use their voice to believe and know their inspiration to be trustworthy information from Source.

Sexual abuse, drug abuse, physical abuse, psychological abuse, etc. are all ways in which those who do not understand or want to remain in control have perpetrated the systematic and generational conditioning of keeping us unable to rally. Those ways are crumbling, and this is the time to come together. Reach out. Find like minded people. Pray for help. Allow the help to come in.

Trust your journey. We all have a unique path to forge. It will be hard and there is no way around it. Meditation will bring you the inspiration and connection. Also, reaching out to trusted loved ones. Having discernment about who you trust is key. Not everyone has your back without an agenda of their own. Go to only those you can trust or a professional.

Know that you are on the right path. You will know this is your path because you have been brought to it through synchronicity and decisions. Do not be angry with past decisions. Forgiveness for yourself is key. Knowing that you made the best decision AT THE TIME THAT YOU MADE IT is key. We cannot change the past, but we can affect the future.

Take one step at a time. Living in the present moment. Letting go of the past and being right now. Do not project into the future. What can I do right now in this moment? If it is nothing, then work on something that brings you joy. Staying in gratitude for where you are and doing your best in this moment will draw better things to you.

This is a journey with much healing involved for us all. Be kind to yourself as you take each step.

You are not alone. Reach out in prayer: asking. Reach out in meditation: receiving. Find a community on social media. Call your best friend. Follow me #mwatkin5.http://www.facebook.com/mwatkin5


M xo

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