The Law of Attraction and How I Got It To Work For Me.

The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. So many people who are trying to be beneficial write about and talk about this law bringing you wealth and all that you desire by just thinking the thought of what you want, and then the universe is supposed to bring it you you and deliver it on a silver platter. Being positive. Being ready to receive it. Waiting for it to appear. That is what I got from the majority of people that I was seeing and reading.

But it wasn’t working for me. I wasn’t receiving the finances, happiness, or love interest that I wanted. What was I missing? I knew there was a crucial piece that I was missing because they wouldn’t be so passionate about something that wasn’t working for them. They were showing incredible experiences of wealth, ease and happiness. How could I get that for me and my family? I was driven to find the magic.

So, I started with, what was the Law of Attraction? Where did it come from? What I found was that it was a part of Universal Laws that govern the universe and us in relationship to it. There are more than just the one. But this is the one people had honed in on as being the magic elixir of life to grant wishes like the genie in the lamp. The Law of Attraction attracts your thoughts to you: like attracts like. What they don’t often explain is that it does not differentiate between negative and positive.

Therefore wording, verbally or non-verbally, becomes important; how you form your thought matters. This became one of those ‘aha’ moments for me. This became the first thing I learned that is crucial to success. The second thing I learned was much bigger.

The Law of Attraction does not work alone. It actually works in concert to the Law or Correspondence. What is that you ask? Because I did?? It is the law of: as above, so below. Which is actually a very large concept. Because it is not just that you say or think a thought of what you desire, how you want your life to be, or who you want in it. It is that you are able to think that thought from a place of authentically feeling good. Think of the ‘above’ as your mind or brain, which is attached to your ego.

Your ego is your thought process that is all about your survival. Now that we are living in the twenty-first century our survival is not the sole focus of our lives because we are not worried about death on a moment to moment basis. Which was the original function of our egoic mind. Now, we can work to let go of that and focus on a being ‘of love.’ By being able to live from a heart space, we are getting into the higher vibrational frequency of the universe.

Living and reacting from this space allows the Law of Correspondence to bring is the ‘below.’ The things we want to attract to ourselves. It is the concert of these two laws that allows us to manifest the desired and wanted people and situations into our lives.

Finding the magic is as easy is living from a love centered perspective. Letting go of blame, hate, and worry, which is all tied to ego will transform your life.

Allowing forgiveness to be the foremost way you react to wrongs: past, present and future. Will allow the universe to flow your desires to you.

Releasing the idea of lack that there is not enough of anything in your life. Finding gratitude for what you do have, brings more. That is the key to attracting what you want. Like attracts like. Positive force attracts positive force.

It took several years to put it all together. I hope you find the peace, gratitude and abundance in your life too.

Blessings, Melissa xo