Money, Me and You

Yup, money is on all our minds lately. Some of us are working from home. Some of us do not have that option. And, some of us are recreating ourselves and how we make our money. It is the necessary evil. But, it does not need to be hated. Money is a tool. It is used in exchange for goods and services. It does not define who we are. It does not make us who we are.

When you have it, you feel safe and secure. You are able to make decisions about time and attention because you have the means to exchange currency for what you want.

When you don’t have it, you feel inferior to those that do. Your self-worth and confidence get shaken because you feel like you cannot have or do because you don’t have the necessary currency to exchange.

We can allow the desire to have ‘enough’ create a sense or urgency to gain the money to put in the bank account to create the feeling of safety and stability that allows us to sleep better at night. Give. Have. And, be seen as successful or accomplished because we have what others perceive as the goal: a large amount of currency. What is ‘enough?’

Two things I have learned about money. Money is energy. Lack Mentality will keep you feeling unsafe and unstable no matter how much you have.

Lack Mentality is the idea that you never have enough. People with this idea that has been ingrained in them will always strive for more no matter how much they have. Working, working and working. Spending, spending and spending. Creating this feeling of being on the hamster wheel of ‘never enough’ money, things, experiences, situations, people, etc.

Money is energy. What you put out is what you get back. Not attaching to what you have or what you spend. Being conscious of taking care of your needs and appreciating that you can. Having the basics covered. Not worrying about what you don’t have covered or will need to cover. Doing in the moment what you can and leaving the rest for the day that you can affect that need.

The two lessons: live in the Now and stay in Gratitude.

Embrace these to principles and you will change your relationship with money. And, you will affect how much money you have in the process. The by product is that by changing your view of money, you will draw more money, opportunities and beneficial people to you that will allow you to have all the money you need and more.

Blessings, Melissa xo