How to Change Your Relationship with Money in 1 Step

For years and years, I never had enough…checkbook always on the verge of or overdrawn, monthly bills were one month behind and groceries felt like a luxury. I had lack mentality. Lack mentality is always feeling like I don’t have enough. Never feeling satisfied or abundant. Always in the wanting more feeling.


Changing a mindset takes time. In 21 days you can change your lack mentality mindset by doing one practice consistently for three weeks.

Each day write down 5 to 10 things, people or situations that you are grateful for.

Sounds too easy? Seriously, it is that easy.

You are rewiring your thought process to think in abundance and not in lack.

Watch time, people and money flow into your life without your trying, willing or hustling anything into your experience.

The Law of Attraction states magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. By changing the energy from lack to abundance you are attracting like abundant energies to you. Gratitude for all that you have will draw more things and experiences to be grateful for.

I dare you to try it!


~Melissa xo

Life in Love and Receive Abundance

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