How to Change Your Relationship with Money in 1 Step

For years and years, I never had enough…checkbook always on the verge of or overdrawn, monthly bills were one month behind and groceries felt like a luxury. I had lack mentality. Lack mentality is always feeling like I don’t have enough. Never feeling satisfied or abundant. Always in the wanting more feeling.


Changing a mindset takes time. In 21 days you can change your lack mentality mindset by doing one practice consistently for three weeks.

Each day write down 5 to 10 things, people or situations that you are grateful for.

Sounds too easy? Seriously, it is that easy.

You are rewiring your thought process to think in abundance and not in lack.

Watch time, people and money flow into your life without your trying, willing or hustling anything into your experience.

The Law of Attraction states magnetic power of the Universe that draws similar energies together. By changing the energy from lack to abundance you are attracting like abundant energies to you. Gratitude for all that you have will draw more things and experiences to be grateful for.

I dare you to try it!


~Melissa xo

Life in Love and Receive Abundance

How to Surrender: 10 Ways

Surrendering to the process or allowing things to unfold can be the scariest! Letting go and let God….we hear that phrase all the time.

Surrendering is allowing situations to unfold….and often it takes time. As you wait, be productive….don’t let the fear or any hurt/trauma to hold you back as situations unfold. I call it Divine Patience…doing what you can for you in the moment(s), while you wait for people or situations to work themselves out.

But how?

  1. Eliminating fear is a fantasy…only the enlightened ones have mastered it and us mere mortals seek enlightenment, but let us be honest we do not get that close. So, walking through fear is how I like to think of it. Knowing, acknowledging that it is there and just going or doing it anyway.
  2. Using faith…praying for the strength to do or be what is needed in the moment. Calling on your Higher Power, God, Goddess, Source, All That Is, or whatever works for you to help alleviate the fear to make the necessary steps to help you through your process.
  3. And, meditating for the guidance will help to feel connected and not so alone as you go through the process.
  4. Taking a nap. Yes, when you are overwhelmed and can do nothing in the moment…step out of the moment and rest. Not only will you feel better, but it will also help you feel stronger as you wait.
  5. Getting exercise. Go for a walk. Dance around your living room. Moving will get your endorphins going to help you feel good as you wait for the opportunities, blessings, or resources to appear.
  6. Take a class. Learn something new. Read a book on a specific topic that will help your situation or purely for fun to take you out of any negative vibrational energy that this situation is creating.
  7. Create. Be creative.
  8. Be of service to others. Get out and volunteer. Help where you can.
  9. Clean. Organize. Tackle that chore you have been putting off forever.
  10. Anything that brings you JOY! Do it!!

Changing a situation or a relationship is not always in your control. We have to let things work themselves out and be ready to accept how that looks when it does. Being accepting of the change, even if it looks nothing like you wanted, is key. Through surrendering, most of the time, you will find that you changed too.


Melissa xo

Sacred Traveler by Denise Linn

Eat Pray Love Too

Me too! Looking for a movie, I came across Eat Pray Love and watched it for the second time. I saw it years ago before my Spiritual Awakening. At that time, what I knew about the movie was that she had gone on a journey of self-discovery. Not realizing that she was going through her own Spiritual Awakening because the movie focuses on her romantic life more than her journey of self-love that brings her peace. I may have to get the book…but my light bulb moment last night was recognizing this was the journey I had been on for six years without leaving my state.

I didn’t have to journey around the world. We don’t have to go anywhere. The journey begins and ends inside of us. What changes is how we perceive things, people and situations around us. It is an inner journey. Mine began with the loss of what I thought was my goal: teaching English.

We don’t have to go anywhere. The shift is within us. Not outside of us, where we are physically. Were we are spiritually and emotionally is the starting point of the journey. Depressed, lonely, living in fear and recognizing that we want more from our lives. Getting right with ourselves. Loving who we are and the gifts we have. Allowing ourselves to take time to heal and learn the things that bring inner peace. Letting the fear fall away as we love ourselves and connect with Source and our Higher Selves. Listening, receiving and acting on the inspiration on our soul that brings us joy.

Letting of of others’ expectations and setting boundaries with people for what we want in our lives is not a crime. Allowing yourself to take the time to put your energy in activities, people and causes that bring you happiness and peace are essential for well-being.

Let me say that again, “You get to do and have what you want.” Give yourself permission to say, “No.” You do not have to give of yourself every time you are asked or made to feel like you ‘should.’ Only give from your heart and receive heart centered offerings as you move forward from your new perspective.

Change takes time. And this is a journey with no true destination. Letting go of criticizing, judgement and fear of failure based on others’ standards will release you. We are all moving toward happiness. Being and doing from the expectation of having what we want in our lives from a heart-centered space will bring joy, happiness and inner-peace.

  1. Living in the Now. Taking each moment for what it is. Letting go of worry or expectation that things are other than what they are ‘right now.’
  2. Having gratitude. Being grateful for each thing, person, or situation you have that is helping or teaching you.
  3. Praying. Asking God, All That Is, Source, Goddess, your higher self for what you need.
  4. Meditating. Getting quiet and center yourself to receive the feeling, knowingness, inspiration that is being given to you.
  5. Forgiveness. Letting go of the idea that a past situation could be other than what it is. Accept and let go for yourself and everyone else.

Self-love is not something we are ever taught, but without it we cannot love another in a healthy or productive way. Love yourself!


~Melissa xo