6 Benefits of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is a feast no matter what you are sitting down to eat.  We try and pack as much as we can into one sitting on this day every year!  Growing up we couldn’t wait for that meal to hit the table because up until that time, we did not eat any other meal that day in anticipation of stuffing our faces.  And, it became all of our responsibility to watch the rolls because for about five years in a row, we forgot them and had to scrap the burnt part off of the bottom before enjoying them.  That became a tradition in and of itself.

We didn’t put much stock into the meaning of the day.  For us it was all about deer hunting and dinner making.  Dad would put the bird in on his way out of the door in the morning and Mom would put together everything to be ready for when he came home and took the bird out. And, we would all hover all morning and early afternoon waiting, getting in the way and snacking on what we could snatch from various pans!

Looking back on all those years, we were grateful to be all together because our older sister would be with us for that day and possibly the night.  We were grateful for having Dad home and making the turkey and butternut squash.  We were grateful for movie watching all together, while the wood stove kept it so warm that it was like being in a sauna, bring out the shorts and t’s.

Gratitude is an emotion that brings transformation.  For us, on that day, we had gratitude for the being-ness of the day and that we could count on the tradition of how that day would go and the sameness from year to year was comforting.  In our gratitude for each other on that day, we were able to create a sense of family.

Having gratitude in your life on a daily basis will bring blessings in all forms.

  • unexpected opportunities
  • new relationships
  • less stress
  • ease and grace overcoming obstacles and challenges
  • feeling of peace where fear lives
  • more money

Changing your life is as easy as changing your perspective!

I challenge you to 21 consecutive days writing ten things, situations, people that you are grateful for.  Really take the time to feel the emotion as you create your list.  And let me know how this affects your life…I would love to hear from you.

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~Melissa xo

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