I Made the Coffee, Again

Each day we get up and think our day will go one way, and some days it does.  And, some days it does not!  Plans are good things to make, lists are good ways to relieve stress, and sometimes we just wing it as we go.

Even whole sections of months or years can not go as planned.  Expectations placed on us by others can hold us back, or even the expectations that we place on ourselves based on what others have or are doing.

I have been battling this hard this month.  Mercury in retrograde for three weeks brought up all of my ‘stuff.’

But, the most surprising of all was Shame.


Consciousness of guilt, humiliating disgrace is not something I feel like I have struggled with.  But, it turns out that I have let this feeling hold me back from being seen authentically for most of my life.  “A, ha!”  This is one of those moments when you go, “this is not mine, but I have learned this through family/parent relationships.”  Karmic blocks/debt can be one of the most destructive forces in your life that you don’t even realize is there.

We are conditioned by our elders to react to certain situations.  Not realizing that they are giving your their beliefs and allowing you to internalize them as your own.  Which in turn affects all of your decisions and interactions.

So last week, tongue in cheek, I asked my Facebook community if making a second pot of coffee during the day was “OK?”  I let guilt and disgrace affect me in so many little ways that hold myself back.  I want to serve others and help them on their journey, but I worry about making more of something I am enjoying because I have shame about having enjoyment?? Craziness!

I was always pushed back, told to be quiet, and did not feel that I could stand out…and as a Leo that was all I ever wanted to do.  Be seen and heard.

Recognizing the ways in which you are held back, even in ways that you did not understand will allow you to unblock yourself to accomplish your goals and dream new dreams!

There are at least six ways that negatively impact your Karma: shame, guilt, unworthiness, undeservedness, poverty consciousness, victimization, inherited Karmic imprints.

Sitting with yourself, can you relate?

And ways to let it go!

  1. Identify-reflect on your life obstacles and challenges, patterns that have held you back
  2. Get clear on your own shortcomings-where does your ego control you
  3. Healing-spiritual practice
  4. Be Courageous-do not let fear hold you back
  5. Relationships-create boundaries, let go of toxic
  6. Incorporating new ways-retraining your thought process from negative to positive
  7. Forgiveness-detach from bitterness, resentment, anger, frustration, etc.

Karmic imprints/blocks feed off of negative emotions.

Make the coffee, go on the date, start a business, TAKE THE LEAP!


~Melissa xo

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