emenate love

It was Friday night after a seventy hour work week.  I laid on the couch to watch t.v. and fell asleep.  I had eaten very little and I did not have any alcohol or any altering substance.  I experienced a paralysis kind of state of being unable to move my body or see.  My vision was completely gone.  And, I could not help myself because I could not ask for help.  I slept on that couch for two days, not knowing what was wrong with me and fleetingly thinking of going to the emergency room as I was terrified by the second morning.

I did not understand energy, energy body or centers or how they affected me.  As a single mother, working for over six months at this pace and demanding stress level, I had depleted myself to the point of exhaustion that I could not understand. And it scared me.  I quit that job four months later. And, I went looking for answers!

Intuitively, I was awakening.  This episode had become one of the major catalysts for me to seek help in what I had experienced.

What I found was a mentor, who would help me in many ways.  And foremost, she helped me to recognize my Empathic abilities. Also, what helped me to understand that terrifying event was the information about our Chakra system, what it is and how to balance our chakras for optimal energetic health. As an Empath I can sense and take on others’ emotions.  My chakras were all out of balance after being in such extreme fear, worry and stressful conditions for many months, compounded my imbalance.

We have seven main chakras. They regulate the flow on energy through the central meridian of our body. The base or root: connecting us to family and mother earth; Sacral: emotion, creativity, sexuality; Solar Plexis: feelings of personal power, joy; Heart: love, compassion, peace; Throat: self-expression, judgement; Third Eye: perception, inner vision, intuition and wisdom; and the Crown: information, understanding, bliss, connection to source.

This is your main source of energy and eating right, meditating, exercise and self-care practices help to keep your energy bodies in balance and your life flowing with prosperity and abundance in all areas.

Having been in a constant state of stress, worry and fear in a job I was not suited for and being pushed to excel at, had depleted like I had never experience before. And, I will make sure to never experience again.

When you know what is right for you, what you are capable of and need for happiness in your life. Listen to your ‘gut.’ Your intuition and your body will tell you when you are not living out of love, harmony and gratitude.  These three things will bring you the harmony, happiness and well being that we are all seeking.


~Melissa xo


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