emenate love

It was Friday night after a seventy hour work week.  I laid on the couch to watch t.v. and fell asleep.  I had eaten very little and I did not have any alcohol or any altering substance.  I experienced a paralysis kind of state of being unable to move my body or see.  My vision was completely gone.  And, I could not help myself because I could not ask for help.  I slept on that couch for two days, not knowing what was wrong with me and fleetingly thinking of going to the emergency room as I was terrified by the second morning.

I did not understand energy, energy body or centers or how they affected me.  As a single mother, working for over six months at this pace and demanding stress level, I had depleted myself to the point of exhaustion that I could not understand. And it scared me.  I quit that job four months later. And, I went looking for answers!

Intuitively, I was awakening.  This episode had become one of the major catalysts for me to seek help in what I had experienced.

What I found was a mentor, who would help me in many ways.  And foremost, she helped me to recognize my Empathic abilities. Also, what helped me to understand that terrifying event was the information about our Chakra system, what it is and how to balance our chakras for optimal energetic health. As an Empath I can sense and take on others’ emotions.  My chakras were all out of balance after being in such extreme fear, worry and stressful conditions for many months, compounded my imbalance.

We have seven main chakras. They regulate the flow on energy through the central meridian of our body. The base or root: connecting us to family and mother earth; Sacral: emotion, creativity, sexuality; Solar Plexis: feelings of personal power, joy; Heart: love, compassion, peace; Throat: self-expression, judgement; Third Eye: perception, inner vision, intuition and wisdom; and the Crown: information, understanding, bliss, connection to source.

This is your main source of energy and eating right, meditating, exercise and self-care practices help to keep your energy bodies in balance and your life flowing with prosperity and abundance in all areas.

Having been in a constant state of stress, worry and fear in a job I was not suited for and being pushed to excel at, had depleted like I had never experience before. And, I will make sure to never experience again.

When you know what is right for you, what you are capable of and need for happiness in your life. Listen to your ‘gut.’ Your intuition and your body will tell you when you are not living out of love, harmony and gratitude.  These three things will bring you the harmony, happiness and well being that we are all seeking.


~Melissa xo


Presence to Presents

present moment buddha

Well that just happened! On Sunday, I could not find my wristlet with my debit card, driver’s license or money ($20 and change). I have been leaving my main wallet home that holds all the insurance cards, library cards, misc. cards and mom stuff…I have been carrying a wristlet for years as I can throw it in my work bag and grab it as needed for gas and groceries while running errands after work and so forth. I can hear the audible gasps as you know how frustrating this is to have to go without these things and especially work on replacing and waiting for the replacements.

I will admit I did feel fear as I realized an hour into not being able to find it that it was GONE.  And, I believe it truly is lost as I had it Friday night and never needed it all day Saturday, as I was home puttering, cleaning and relaxing.  (I half expect to run across it now that everything is on its way to being replaced…lol. Getting the $20 would be nice!)

I had no weird purchases or any evidence that anyone had it.  Monday, I called and cancelled the debit card, ordered the replacement and then I had to go to DMV and order the replacement driver’s license.  Annoying and frustrating as this all was, it could have been so much worse.  I could have cried and complained through the whole process.  I could have bemoaned my fate to everyone that I encountered.  I could have rallied against the gods and fate for giving me this dilemma to deal with on top of all my everyday responsibilities and frustrations.  And, these are all things I could see myself doing five years ago or so.

But, now I choose to be present.  Living in the present moment has allowed me to find peace and my happy place amidst all these kinds of situations…and my everyday responsibilities and frustrations too.

By taking each challenge as it is presented and working on a solution in the moment, and setting aside the next step until it is time or is presented, I do not worry about it.  I do what I can when I can and let the rest be until such time that I have the necessary means to affect that challenge.  And, in the mean time I focus on the things that make me happy or move me in some way.

We only have so much energy and expending it on negative, destructive behavior is only going to make me tired, angry, and/or ill.  Why not focus on the positive, being in love, doing what makes you happy?  And the bonus is, “what we put out is what we get back.” So, I enjoy the presents that appeared to me.

In this process, I have encountered wonderful people only to happy to help me get back in business with my documents.  Being able to slow down because without my debit card, I wasn’t doing much impulse buying, as well as not feeling comfortable driving without my license in hand.  I didn’t feel guilty reading a whole book in three days!

We can let the challenges hang us up, or we can go with the flow!  The more I choose to go with the flow the more that flows to me.  Being in alignment with the present moment allows me to tap in to my creativity and enjoy the small moments in life.  Staying present takes practice and as you practice not concentrating on the thoughts that are projections or worry, the more you will be able to recognize them faster and move away from them.

This does take practice, but it is so worth it!  Eckhart Tolle says, “[w]hen the basis for your actions is inner alignment with the present moment, your actions become empowered by the intelligence of Life itself.”

*Don’t react: negative emotion, breeds negativity

*Be present: do what you can when you can, and leave the rest for another time

*Don’t worry: this expends precious energy that we can use for what we love

*Be happy: as you are waiting for the means or opportunities to affect your challenge, spend time in joyful pursuits

*LOA: what you send out is what you get back…send out positive and begin receiving positive aspects of life

I hope you found this helpful…and all is well that ends well (with only one blip…they had to reissue my debit card again! It didn’t print right and I couldn’t use it, but they are sending me a new one express mail and no charge to me!). Today is a good day:)


~Melissa xo

Really Disappointed in Me

on the other side of fearWell peeps! I have been struggling with that green eyed monster: jealousy!  I am seeing people succeeding and working at their passion and all I want to do is climb into mine and not look up!  Unfortunately, I have commitments and responsibilities that no one else is going to fulfill.  So, here I sit, having taken a personal day, typing out my angst because of how disappointed I am in myself for having these feelings and allowed myself to get back to this place.

I thought because of the work I do on a daily basis with spiritual practice that I had overcome these basic emotions…ha! I am here to tell you that allowing myself to be dragged down emotionally, physically and spiritually by working at a job that is sucking the life out of me because other people think I ‘should’ be working a ‘regular’ job that I have let myself down and the jealousy has reared its ugly head with thoughts of “why not me?” and “how come I can’t?” and the list goes on and on….

Almost to the month, a year ago I was living my best life. Doing what I felt was right for me.  It was not the ‘norm’ by societal standards, but I was helping people on a daily basis and focusing on what was good for me emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Eating right, walking and meditating daily.  I was in good shape: metaphorically and physically.  I loved my life!

How did I fall so far off the wagon?  I allowed the negative Nellies and others’ expectations crawl back into my life….why? oh why?  And, by doing so I have lost: emotionally, financially and spiritually.  Well, folks this is my wake up call for me and you!

No more allowing others’ expectations, words or deeds to affect my actions! I am going back to doing what is right for me…this might not be right for you, not working a socially acceptable ‘job.’ But for me it is the only way to follow my intuition and guidance that has brought me on this journey of self-discovery and happiness.  We are finishing our commitment and then back to the grindstone: creating, meditating, walking, eating right and most of all following the Divine guidance that has brought me on this journey of learning, growing and self-discovery!  I can’t wait!! I am so excited!!!

As Oprah says, “What I know for sure is” following your path, intuition and growth process is the only way you will find satisfaction and happiness in your own life.  Don’t  let the fear of what anyone else thinks or expects of you to affect your decisions.  That will only bring you tiredness, crankiness and dissatisfaction with all areas of you life.


And, now I will continue to follow my own advice, close the door and be me…and inviting you on the journey.


~Melissa xo