“I hate you” and All the Other Mean Things We say to Each Other

living in loveEckhart Tolle talks about the pain body. And how I understand it is that it is that part of us that is our hurts and traumas we carry into this life and develop in this life. If we don’t deal with and release it, then all of our reactions happen through it…

What does that mean?

Someone may get a reaction from us that is extreme because even though their hurting us could be minimal; they are getting a reaction from all of our hurts and traumas…they triggered all of the repressed “stuff” or pain body without realizing what we carry around with us.

We hurt ourselves by not doing the “inner” work to deal with and release as much of our pain body as we can in this life. We can self-sabotage our relationships without even realizing it.

What are you holding on to?

What are you stuffing down or repressing?

What story do you tell yourself to make yourself feel better?

This is called “shadow” work. And without doing the work, it will be very difficult to have a healthy relationship: romantic or otherwise.

Psychiatrist Carl Jung described “the shadow self” as the site of repressed desires, emotions and impulses hidden from our conscious awareness. 

If you need help I don’t know where to start how to do this… I’ve created a course to help you…

Living in Love: Beginners Guide


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~Melissa xo