“I want a love and relationship reading.”

My day job is taking phone calls from people from all walks of life, who are looking for a little hope.  Mostly about love and money.  I thought I would start sharing some of my insights with you.

Relationships: the most complicated part of our lives.  Here is how hundreds of conversations go.



[Whom am I speaking with?]

[This is __________]

[What can I do for you today?]

[I want a love and relationship reading.]

At this point, I can already feel their mood/feelings.  So, I ask [Who is it? or What is their name?]

They never say no one.  There is always a name.  And ladies, if you haven’t heard from him in over a week, there is a really good chance he has moved on.

99.9% of the time, menIMG_0508 are the pursuers…if he ain’t pursuing then he’s gone.  PERIOD.  Calling about a man that you haven’t heard from after a month or longer is you just breaking your own heart.  You are better than that and need to move on.  Don’t make excuses for them and do NOT think for one minute it was about you! You not being good enough or you not doing something right or you not being _____________ (fill in the blank).  It is about them…not wanting who you are…that is not a bad thing…it just means that he is not for you.  Move on to the one that DOES.

We get caught up in our own heads trying to make excuses and WILL a person to be or do what we want…this is a recipe for disaster because even if you can for awhile…nature is going to win out and they will ultimately be who they are.  There is no changing or fixing unless they RECOGNIZE it and WANT it.  A person can only change themselves.

Now, let us talk about intuition.  If you feel he has moved on, then he has.  If you feel he is emotionally unavailable, then he is.  If you feel that your relationship is not his focus, then it is not.  Your gut is accurate.  How do you know?  Think back to all the times you thought you knew…and you DID!  100% of the time you are looking for validation to what you already know.  And, just know that I will give you the good, the bad and the ugly…as gently as possible, but I do not ever tell you what you want to hear.

It is time to empower yourself and believe that you do deserve better and not have to accept less than you WANT.

The three parts to intuition are:

  1. Receiving it-we all do.  We all feel that punch in the gut when something is terribly wrong! And ,some of us feel it, also when something is right or wrong right on a subtler level…and we call both gut instinct.  And, when you recognize it, you will realize that you get more instinctual feelings or knowingness in many different settings, about people, situations and desires.
  2. Trusting it-start small by acting on feelings that you can’t explain about which way to go to work on a particular day or avoiding something or someone…and see if you find a benefit to it…chances are you avoided a sticky situation!
  3. Acting on it-the more you do one and two the easier three becomes…acting on your intuition will make your life easier.  We get guidance for our benefit.  Your team or God or the Universe, whoever you believe in, is always guiding you to your best life.  As you start acknowledging your guidance, you will receive more.

Give it a try! I DARE you!


~Melissa xo