Red Light Ran and Coffee Cancelled: Friday Before 9am

We all have those days where our eyes are not as open as we think that they are.  The coffee doesn’t make it into the basket.  The red light almost gets missed.  Or, we just plain cannot get off the couch to get ready for the day.  These are all indications that we are running ragged.  Participating in the grind.  Working to exhaustion.  Living in the fear that we don’t have enough, that we are not enough, or that we are not giving enough.  WRONG!  What really is happening is we are not taking care of ourselves enough.

How do we do that when we have so many obligations, expenses, and responsibilities.  The kids need to be fed.  The bills need to be paid.  The laundry needs to be done.  The carpool needs to leave.  The game needs to be gotten to.  The cat needs to be fed.  The dog needs to be walked.  The groceries need to be gotten.  And, the LIST goes on.

Where in the world are we going to find time to just ‘be.’ It is talked about.  There are those who can and do.  But, ME?  If I stop my family is let down.  If I stop kids don’t have what they need.  If I stop the pets are not taken care of.  If I stop we don’t eat.  If I stop the house will be trashed.  If I stop there are no clean clothes.

Can you relate? Overwhelming, isn’t it?  Male or Female it does not matter because society dictates that we achieve.  MASSIVELY! And, we can and we do…but are you achieving what you want?  Are you living in joy?  Do you get up everyday excited?

I always envied people who exuded happiness, who loved their lives and it showed in everything that they did.  And doors seemed to open for them easily.  Opportunities showed up.  Ease and flow was a part of their lives.  I WANTED that.  I had no idea on why or how they got to have that life.  But, I wanted it so badly it became a craving that I had to satisfy.  So, I started paying attention.  What did they do differently?  Where did they go?  Who did they talk to?

The answers were so simple.  I could not see them right away because I had to get right in my own life with ME.  I was the problem.  It was the way I thought about things.  The way I spoke to people.  And, how I managed my life.

I was living the expected societal view of who I should be, crashing and burning at every turn.  I was grinding: working to pay, working to have, working to be respected, working to be seen…criticizing others who weren’t achieving, out buying my neighbor, going on the “right” vacations, going to the expected functions, putting my child in the accepted activities, being on the committees, living the LIE.

I was living in the EGO.  And failing massively!  I wasn’t able to finish my required education, lost my job, my home, my car…not once but twice!  The grind failed me.

I had to find another way.

Love.  It sounds simple.  Living with an open heart.

Not criticizing anyone.  Accepting others for who they are completely.

Encouraging all to realize their dreams.

Working to help others.

Having my own schedule.

Just ‘being’ when I need to.

Allowing inspiration to dictate my actions.

Following my ‘gut’ and subsequently living in the flow.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience.  Tapping into inspiration, gut instinct, sixth sense…whatever you want to label it: God (the Universe, your higher power, please insert whoever/whatever your belief system is here), will always direct you down the right path for you.

The hardest part is learning to trust the information that you receive.  Prayer and practice will help you with this.

Letting go of the ego can be challenging, as that is the voice in your head that dominates your thoughts.  Silencing that voice will allow you to hear the guidance and inspiration that is available to you at every moment.

Meditation is one tool that helps clear up the chatter.  And, consciously becoming aware of the thoughts and deciding which ones to keep, those being the positive, loving and not coming from a place of fear or lack.

Fear is the ego’s weapon: procrastination and lack being its tools.  Once realized and identified you can begin to weed these out of your life.

Living in love is not hard…it just takes constant effort and practice…you have gone your whole life living with your ego, so it will take time and practice to ignore and reprogram your way of thinking.

Join me for tips and tools to help you on your journey.


~Melissa xoimg_1120-1

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