Have you ever had that dream where you are naked in some scenario? For me it was always running down the road like I was being chased!  And, I had it for years and years not realizing that I was afraid of being seen for who I am and not for who other’s thought I was.

So many people go through their whole lives protecting and hiding who they really are…I was watching an episode on t.v. where the brother was transitioning and his big brother couldn’t look at him.  He wanted only to see who he had been not who he always had been.

It got me to thinking and struggling with my own authenticity.  These past few months of this year I have been ‘coming out’ slowly as a psychic medium to a certain community of like minded people, but have been keeping quiet with everyone else…why?

Fear- of rejection, of ridicule, of losing people, of failure

Self- doubt-who am I?

Self-sabotaging behavior- not putting in the work to develop my skills

It is easier to remain hidden in the shadows and live quietly…but that is not what we are called to do.  God is asking us to share our gifts, so that all can benefit.  Whether you are a psychic medium, gay, trans-gendered, straight, empath, or any designation that you give yourself, you have worth, you have gifts and talents to be shared!  Not hidden. We all have a purpose and it is your responsibility to break free of the fear that is holding us back and SHOUT, dance, sing, write your story for all to learn and identify with.

How to move through exposure when the fear can be GRIPPING?

  1. Find your tribe-it is important to have people who love you and support you unconditionally: they may not be family.  It is ok to reach out to groups or individuals going through the same or similar experiences.
  2. Write it out.  By putting pen to paper your fear can be recognized and dealt with, most of the time what we fear can be worked through by simply recognizing exactly what it is your afraid of.
  3. Counseling or Course work.  Have a mentor or guide along the way can facilitate your experience and help you move through any doubt, fear, self-sabotaging behaviors you may not even be aware of.

These three ways can be used separately, but all together will jump start your progression to living authentically YOU. Without the roadblocks and hangups that we can give ourselves…we don’t mean to, but let’s face it FEAR can rule when left unchecked.

Your message, experiences, talents and gifts are important or you wouldn’t be here.  God doesn’t give us more than we can handle, right?  No, he sure doesn’t.  And we can overcome and prevail.  It IS that important.


~Melissa xoFile Nov 21, 1 18 26 PM