The End of Life as I Know It: how to overcome what is blocking your dreams

Letting go of old beliefs and patterns.  Letting fear grip and control me.  Stepping around and moving past procrastination.  Getting in my own way by not trusting guidance, gut instinct or signs.  One big start was not pursuing the my latest idea for a full-time, gainfully employed job with benefits and “security.”  Signs smacking me in the face and I almost did it because fear and limiting beliefs, and also expectations, placed on me by others.  Live in the present moment and follow Divine guidance to achieve your  goals in work, play and relationships.

Not one more important than the other.  No expectations yield desired results.  Let life unfold as it is supposed to-not force the outcome to your ideas of what should be, but rather what is.  Surrender to what “is.”  The lessons learned since realizing my pattern of failure(s).  When we force the outcome, that is when we run into the blocks–those challenges that arise because we are not living in the flow.

Why didn’t I get that job?

Why didn’t that relationship work out?

Why didn’t I get what I want?

All indicators that you are not where you are supposed to be.  I know how hard those “no’s” can be.  They hurt.  We want to have love and security.  Sometimes we just can’t see where that is going to come into our lives.  This scares us.  And, so we try to create or manufacture that security for ourselves.  That is when Source steps in and directs us, and sometimes it feels harsh, to what the Divine plan is;  in my experience this can happen several times until we figure it out.  Learning the lesson; His way until we are on the correct path of our life’s purpose.

We think we have it or got this, when in fact this is only our ego trying to give a false sense of security.  As human’s we crave security.  However, God has our plan and it is our job to do it.  That dream, recurring thought, or talent…those are where you need to spend your energy…that is where you will find your life’s purpose.  The blocks arise when you ignore those.  You can’t find happiness because you are working on security or expectations from others.

Surrendering is the only way.  Praying for guidance, listening and then acting…those are the ways to remove the blocks…trust in God.  Again, as human’s we have come to count on that egoic mind because it is always telling us what we want to hear…not what we need to hear.  Only through Him will you lead your happiest, most fulfilled life.

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Disclaimer: when I use God, Divine or Source please feel free to insert the name from your own belief system…I strive to be all inclusive.


~Melissa xo