Alert: empath rant!

Recently my sister told me that I couldn’t cut myself off from people.  Was I?  As an  I need me time to de-energize myself.  Huh? Well, I take on other’s energy.  Some not so good, others really strong, and then there are the negative Nelly’s that cling right on to all my positive vibes.  Sooo…I like being alone or with the few authentic people I enjoy.  Annnndddddddd….the bitch is that I am also highly intuitive.  I get to feel what you are feeling, and know what is up with you…I don’t mean to violate your privacy, but I am receiving information alllll the time from everyone.  Overwhelming to say the least!

So, I have to force myself into situations that I would rather stay home from.   I have to decide who I hang with and who I don’t.  Self-preservation people…I get to.   It is not that I  don’t love you, or want to be around you.  But, if I am in a bad place, emotional, or going through something, there is NO way I can take on your stuff too!

So, to say that I am isolating myself, or cutting myself off…I might be.  But, it will only be for a while.  I do want relationships.  I do want to be involved.  I do enjoy life.  I just need the consideration and leeway to do me.

How you help: be understanding.  Don’t harass me about not doing something.  Don’t get angry if I no-show.  Don’t take it personally.  Feel free to contact me.  Feel free to ask to spend time with me one-on-one, so much easier for me.

I like to spend time in nature: hiking, at the beach, or on the porch.  And, I will listen, comfort, give advice, or just simply BE, while we are together.

I am not quiet because I don’t have an opinion.  I simply don’t know how much you want me to share.  I receive information from folks without asking….I can’t count the number of people who have confided in me that I didn’t know or didn’t know well.  People talk to me all the time and share without any provocation from me…it can get uncomfortable.

I am here to help, remember I have a team of guides and angels that help me, so if you don’t want spot on guidance…don’t ask.  It is frustrating to have my words dismissed, when I have taken the time to listen and tune in for your message.  Now, I am not saying I am all-knowing or god-like…but, I do get messages for you from the higher up and if they are giving it, then it is what you need at that time…even if it is not what you are focused on at that moment…be open to possibility!

End Rant!

On a serious note, I am just like you with a few extra senses thrown in.  Enjoy it!

IMG_0305Some empath self-care tips:

carry crystals, especially Malachite: that absorbs and removes negative energies, toxins and pollutants from the body

Smudge or use clary sage essential oil in water and spritz yourself as needed

take a ten-minute time out and ground yourself

Blessings,                                                                                                                                              ~Melissa xo

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