Mom, why is that lady sitting at the beach by herself?



Walk away.  Run to your favorite spot.  Turn off your social media.  Find a quiet spot, gathering of friends, or do something that makes your heart sing.  A break, a time-out, a stepping away from your normal routine and responsibilities.

How am I going to do that?  You ask.  Why should I? You ask.  And, I will tell you that self-care is vitally important to your overall health.  We know how busy we are and we know what our responsibilities are.  The have to’s.  But you can only work, strive and push so much.  Stepping back and doing nothing is not doing nothing…you are actually taking care of yourself.  Allowing your energy to replenish.  Giving your mind, body and spirit time to recharge.

We are all energy.  And that energy base needs to be taken care of too.  For my own experience, when I have not respected my need for recharging then I have literally crippled myself with long periods of recovery time spent because I could not physically function.

So, why do I go to the beach alone?  For over twenty years I worked hard.  I gave physically, emotionally, and spiritually everything I had to everyone: personal and professional.  I had no idea that  I was crippling myself, except that  I would experience whole days of fatigue, dehydration, lethargy, and migraines.  Everyone else could go a hundred miles an hour through their lives, why couldn’t I?

We are all different.  And, that is OK.  I didn’t realize how different I was.  I absorb people’s energy.  I am affected by their Auras.  I am an Empath.  In the age that we are in with Light Workers really coming into their own, I was able to learn how to navigate this energy exchange that I am on with everyone that I meet.  It has been life changing.  One of the things that I can now do is have self-care and not feel guilty because the real truth is that if I don’t my body, mind and spirit will shut down on my and make me.

What self-care can look like…and remember it will be different for each of us.  We must find what works for us and schedule it in just as we would a conference call or grocery shopping.

Some self-care tips and tricks:

Put down the electronics and take a walk in nature. Sit at the beach with a book.  Take a salt bath.  Meditate. Yoga. Be OK with saying No to some invitations.  Don’t schedule every minute.  Eat well.  Sleep enough.  Listen to your intuition-if you need a break take one.  Cook.  Dance in the livingroom.  Basically, anything that you enjoy Do without Guilt!

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