Why Be Grateful for Everything: the good, the bad, and the ugly?

In 2011, my world came crashing down.  I found myself losing everything that I had worked for.   Long story short, I found myself squatting with my daughter in my mother’s one-bedroom apartment. No job, No money, No ideas.

I am now grateful for that experience.  I could have really hit bottom.  Looking for a way to feel better.  So many seek feeling better through alcohol, relationships, pills: anything external to make the pain go away quickly.

I really could have done those things.  I instead went to my comfort zone, the library.  There I found books to help me find peace and resources inside of myself.  I have always been a faithful person, but my faith was truly tested.  This was not the first time I would be tested, and I found out this would not be the last.

What did I find in that library to help me?

I found the inspiration to write.  To get back to my passion.  A passion that I had let go because of material needs, time, commitments, work, etc.

What I began to write is the story here.  A Gratitude Journal.  I simply bought an inexpensive journal and wrote everyday ten things I was grateful for that day.  And remember my situation, some days the only thing I found to be grateful for was air to breathe or the sunshine to sit in.   But…everyday I found a little more hope and inspiration than the day before.  It started to make a profound difference.  People started coming into my life that could affect my situation, and because my internal dialogue had shifted I could now see possibility.

You cannot work out of the depths of despair alone.  Through gratitude you can find the help inside and outside of yourself to move forward; however small the steps you make, you are moving in the right direction.

With God all things are possible.  Changing your vibration from negative to positive, through gratitude, you can change your situation.  You can change any circumstance you find yourself in through God.

Why be grateful for all of your experiences?  Because you are learning each time.  We are given the experiences good/bad until we learn the lesson.  If you find yourself in the same or similar situations and you want to break out of the cycle, then you must do something different.

Here are some tools that I found essential in my transformation:

  • Albom, Mitch, Tuesdays with Morrie.
  • Brown, Brene, Daring Greatly.
  • Byrne, Rhonda, The Secret.
  • Dyer, Wayne, Wisdom of the Ages.
  • Tolle, Eckhart, A New Earth.


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