Monsters Revisited

Please! Please! Help me, I want, You need…all about them.  There is no thought to you and your needs.  They will do or say anything to get their own way.  I am not talking about anyone who is asking for anything within reason.  I am targeting those that will stop at nothing to get their way…at all costs!

First: they will use guile and sweetness maybe even be playful to get what they want.  Remember this will have nothing to do with any of your wants, feelings, interests, etc.  And these desires have are ego-centric to them.

Second: moving on to pleading and begging, or trying to work out a way for you to see the benefit of them having what they want.  Using guilt to win…because now it has become a power struggle they must win.  Guilt and fear are their weapons.

Third and last: tantrums, abuse: physical, verbal and/or emotional.  Danger area.  Depending on your person as to how far they will go, which is why I included help-line phone numbers in the previous post.

For those of you who have never encountered the extreme form of manipulation, I am envious.  I have lived with it all to long with a partner I ditched and then our daughter, who somehow has it wired into her DNA.

How you can protect yourself…know that you are not wrong in NOT giving in.  You have solid reasons that NO must mean NO.  During the siege, be calm.  Let the storm rage and remove yourself from the situation if you must.  But let them know that this is not ok behavior and will not be allowed (after the fact).  During the storm, your calm will diffuse the situation to an extent, but not escalate it.  Stay in your truth.  Get help when needed (yes, I have called the authorities).

This is a form of abuse.  You and the person behaving this way need help.  Some call this tough love.  Especially if this is a family member.  Take care.

Blessings and love,

~Melissa xo

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