Procrastination or Divine Timing?

When we have a large task, and feel it is insurmountable we can procrastinate.  At least I can and have very successfully in the past.  About six months ago now I was guided to work on my writing diligently.  I didn’t.  Why? Well let’s face it, I procrastinated.  Because it is easier to hide behind inaction rather than putting myself out here.  But, this word haunted me.  I must be diligent.  Because let’s also face the fact that if you take that seemingly insurmountable task and break it down to a small step each day or in increments then it is not insurmountable anymore or scary…just another step along the path to success.  So, today I take another step by crossing off three more things on my to-do list and my task is getting less scary and more accomplished….and six months ago I could not see how that was going to happen.

Ways to help yourself:

Make lists,  Ask for help when stumped, Get advice from those you trust, Set aside specific time to accomplish at least one thing on your list–often you will cross off more!

And, what about this? Is the Universe or God saying, “not yet.”

Maybe this feeling is keeping you on the Divine timing schedule! Maybe not all procrastination is a bad thing. Take stock and ask for inspiration and you will be right on time!

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