Have you ever been around someone who seems to suck the life right out of you?  This past weekend I worked an event with three other women.  And, let me tell you the one lady sucked the life right out of me and my tech!  My poor GPS would not cooperate.  I could not string a sentence together.  I was nervous and out of sorts around her.  It was the most unpleasant feeling.  I found myself second-guessing decisions and overthinking tasks and skills I had been using or doing for years.  Sometimes when things are not going as we planned we forget it might not be our stuff, but the stuff of people around us that is affecting us.

These people are energy vampires.  This weekend proved that they are true and exist among us.  She was so engrossed in her own pain that she consumed all other energy around her.  Even trying to be nice to her, I was attacked.  Part of me felt for her because I did find out a part of her backstory that contributes to her energy signature now; but I could not be around her for too long.  I felt bad because I have to tools to help her.  The rub is you cannot help someone who does not want help.  I was being guided to give her a five card reading, but she never made time for it.  So, my offer was for naught.

These people are the most challenging to engage with, but also to love or be present with an open heart because they will not only steal your energy they will leave a residue in yours.

What we can do:

  1.  Smudge with Sage
  2. Carry our Crystals
  3. Envision yourself standing in a waterfall of bright white light from the Divine

These are just a few basic techniques I used this weekend.  There are many more. But we need to have an arsenal to combat the Energy Vampire.