First blog post

My first blog should have been two years ago when I started to put all of this together.  The hardest part has not been figuring me out, but sharing it with all of you.

You see putting yourself out there is making yourself vulnerable.  And that leads to opening yourself up to criticism as well as support.  Why as a society are we so willing to negate someone in their quest of self-acceptance or self-expression?  Some of us never make it through the vulnerability so we never accept or express ourselves and that is so sad, but more importantly what are we missing out on from you?

What talent, or insight, or new idea is not being added to the collective of humanity?  Especially in today’s world where it would seem sticking to the status quo would be so much safer in regards to being accepted.

What I have found is through technology we can find the support of like-minded people that can help to find support in groups that are in real-time.  Research what you love, how you feel, what inspires you and then go out and express yourself, be accepted!

We all have something to offer.  Don’t let vulnerability stump you! Be courageous and find your tribe.