Hello, my name is Melissa, Intuitive Coach, Medium and the Founder of Guidance 311. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizant. My gifts are multi-faceted, as I connect with spirit.  I am also an Empath, Medical Medium and Animal Medium, who is able to feel the emotions of others’ helping me to relay messages with understanding and clarity of the best way for it to be received.  

I work with my clients by:

  • Connecting with your loved ones for messages of hope and peace.
  • Help with gaining insight into your behaviors and focus
  • Provide clarity on recurring life patterns
  • Gain insight on life choices
  • Releasing anger and worry
  • Shaking of doubt
  • Feeling love and connection
  • Learning how to tune into your own intuition
  • Realizing we all are a part of the whole
  • Finding your life purpose through curiosity
  • LOA
  • Aid you on your spiritual journey
  • And much more!


~Melissa xo


Melissa was on point with my reading.  She knew that I was struggling with a decision without my saying anything.  Her guidance left me whole again.  Questions answered and message from mom.”-Darlene G

“Her guidance left me with major questions answered, without me even bringing it up.  I even received confirmation from a passed loved one on the topic.  So many messages delivered to me and questions answered.”-Jessica Lynn

You gave me so much hope with your insight! and was spot on. -Oneisha B

Great reader, I highly recommend!! -Morena

Very Accurate. Was very pleased with my reading!!! -Frances

I have had a reading with Melissa spot on. I recommend her. -Debbie A.

I have had many readings with Melissa L Watkins! Each one of the readings have been absolutely spot on! -Danielle B.

I had some reading from Melissa and they are right on with what is going on in my life. -Karen K.

I have had a couple of readings and they have been absolutely accurate…highly recommend!! -Denise S.