Hello, my name is Melissa L Watkins, Intuitive Coach, Medium and the Founder of Guidance 311. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, and claircognizant. My gifts are multi-faceted, as I connect with spirit.  I am also an Empath, Medical Medium and Animal Medium, who is able to feel the emotions of others’ helping me to relay messages with understanding and clarity of the best way for it to be received.  

I, also, offer classes to help you develop your own connection to Spirit: Intro to Intuition, Evidentiary Mediumship and Intuitive Guidance with more to come. Stay tuned!

And as an IET® Master Level Practitioner, I am able to help you transform the negative energy that you carry that is holding you back and blocking you from living your best life.

I work with my clients by:

  • Connecting with your loved ones for messages of hope and peace.
  • Help with gaining insight into your behaviors and focus
  • Provide clarity on recurring life patterns
  • Gain insight on life choices
  • Releasing anger and worry
  • Shaking of doubt
  • Feeling love and connection
  • Learning how to tune into your own intuition
  • Realizing we all are a part of the whole
  • Finding your life purpose through curiosity
  • LOA
  • Aid you on your spiritual journey
  • And much more!


~Melissa xo


Melissa was on point with my reading.  She knew that I was struggling with a decision without my saying anything.  Her guidance left me whole again.  Questions answered and message from mom.”-Darlene G

“Her guidance left me with major questions answered, without me even bringing it up.  I even received confirmation from a passed loved one on the topic.  So many messages delivered to me and questions answered.”-Jessica Lynn

I think the treatment really worked because for the first time in many years I did not feel the pain chemicals release and cause me stress and sadness. I kept thinking about incidents like I usually do, but they didn’t in any way consume me totally with emotional trauma related pain. I felt lighter and more in control of myself I feel hopeful I can truly leave my past behind. -Dee, UK (Distance Session)

I was so excited and blessed to have my first ever IET session with Melissa in person!  I didn’t really know what to expect but was pleasantly surprised. It was so relaxing and I could feel the energy moving! I feel it continued to work long after the session. My dreams became very vivid and brought up old emotions I needed to put away once and for all. I am so happy that it is almost time for my second session. It’s amazing!! ~Sharon, NY

IET®… Integrative energy therapy is a unique meditative therapy that gives you long lasting therapeutic effects which continue long after the initial therapy session. It provides the individual self with a sense of power to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and other defeating ways of existing and being. It helps bring into center the true self, and guides and directs the person to a path of wellness and healing. It becomes possible to let go of past pains by identifying and connecting with the elements that make up the true spiritual being YOU ARE. The spiritual connections allow you to rid yourself of dysfunctional limiting thoughts they can help trap us In unhealthy patterns of behavior. One can let go, move through, then heal properly.I have Love, light and peace, and more importantly gratitude for my dear friend Melissa L Watkins. ~Becca, NY (Distance Session)

… I learned and took away something very special from each class. I grew spiritually and as a person. I started walking a path that before I was unsure of and hesitant. I got the courage to move forward in my life to do the things I knew I would love to do. But I held myself back. I felt stronger as I attended each class. Also knowing that I had a tribe of woman there with me and I could turn to if needed. We formed a special bond. It was a safe place to open yourself up in and move forward in your life. I learned about myself and why things were happening in my life. It all started to make sense. Melissa was very informative, patient and kind. I can’t thank her enough. And to all the other ladies I shared this journey with. Thank you.~Carol, Auburn, NY

All the handouts were super helpful, so we knew we didn’t have to struggle to keep track during class. Knowing the different types of ways to receive information, then the next handout of how to practice all of the different ways.  But by far, the most beneficial part was having someone verify what I was thinking or hearing or whatever was correct and I am on the right path. Its hard to know/understand alone. I have read many books, watched documentaries etc. but the personalized instruction is leaps and bounds ahead of figuring things out alone. ~Kara, Alaska